List of BS Programs Offered (Open Merit)

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Department of Agricultural Sciences

B.Sc (Hons) Agricultural Science (Apply Online)
BS Agricultural Biotechnology (Apply Online)
B.Sc (Hons) Food Science & Technology (Apply Online)
BS Climate Change (Apply Online)
BS Agribusiness (Apply Online)

Department of Biology

BS Botany (Apply Online)
BS Biochemistry (Apply Online)
BS Zoology (Apply Online)

Department of Chemistry

BS Chemistry (Apply Online)

Department of Earth Sciences

BS Geology (Apply Online)
BS Engineering Geology (Apply Online)

Department of Environmental Sciences

BS Environmental Sciences (Apply Online)
BS Disaster Management (Apply Online)
BS Remote Sensing & Geographical Information System (Apply Online)

Department of Forestry & Wildlife Management

BS Forestry & Wildlife Management (Apply Online)

Department of Medical Lab Technology

Doctor of Physical Therapy (Apply Online)
BS Anesthesia (Apply Online)

Department of Microbiology

BS Microbiology (Apply Online)

Department of Physics

BS Physics (Apply Online)

Department of Public Health & Nutrition

BS Public Health (Apply Online)
BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics (Apply Online)

Department of Pure & Applied Mathematics

BS Mathematics (Apply Online)
BS Statistics (Apply Online)

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Economics

BS Eonomics (Apply Online)

Department of Education

B.Ed (Hons) Elementary (4 Years) (Apply Online)
B.Ed Secondary (1.5) (Apply Online)
B.Ed Secondary (2.5) (Apply Online)

Department of Sports Science & Physical Education

BS Sports Science & Physical Education (Apply Online)

Department of History & Politics

BS History (Apply Online)
BS International Relations (Apply Online)
BS Pakistan Studies (Apply Online)
BS Political Science (Apply Online)

Department of Islamic & Religious Studies

BS Islamic & Religious Studies (Apply Online)

Department of Linguistics

BS English (Apply Online)

Department of Management Sciences

BS Accounting and Finance (Apply Online)
BS Public Administration & Governance (Apply Online)
BS Tourism & Hospitality Management (Apply Online)
BS Industrial Management (Apply Online)

Department of Psychology

BS Psychology (Apply Online)


List of BS Programs Offered (Self-support)


  • Self-support program is available only in limited BS programs.
  • Applicant don’t need to apply separately for self-support program. Applicant who applied on open merit, will be eligible to take admission on self-support if could not get admission on open merit.
  • At first, seat of open merit will be filled, then applicants in waiting list will be offered to take admission on self-support basis.

Department of Management Sciences

Department of Medical Lab Technology

BS Medical Lab Technology (Apply Online)

Department of Linguistics

BS English (Apply Online)

Department of Information Technology

BS Computer Science (Apply Online)
BS Software Engineering (Apply Online)
BS Artificial Intelligence (Apply Online)