Focal Persons

List of Focal Persons of PhD, MS/M. Phil, BS, BS 5th Semester and Diploma programs for admission Fall 2021

Department Name Focal person name (Contact relevant focal Person for any query  Contact number of focal person
Office No/ Cell No: 
Email Address
Department of Food Science & Technology Dr. Inam-u-llah 0336-6607386
Department of Environmental Science Dr. Naureen Aurangzeb 0333-9275401
Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics Dr. Naushad Ali  0300 5167604
Dr. Sajid Fiaz 0300 6015869
Department of Islamci & Religious Studies Dr. Muhammad Ikramullah 0345-2582375
Department of Horticulture  Dr. Raheem Shahzad 3339289464.00
Department of Agronomy Dr. Khalid Naveed 0333-9969781
Department of Earth Sciences Mr. Azeem Shah 3465618421.00
Department of Management Sciences Mr. Sarfaraz Tanveer (BBA) 0321-9169909
Dr. Zia ur Rehman(BS Accounting and Finance) 0343-9599975
Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz(BS public administration ) 0300-8961792
Dr. Tariq Rauf (BS Tourism and Hospitality Management) 0344-9803084  
Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics Dr. Hashim (BS Mathematics) 0313-0557550
Dr. Muhammad Kamran Alam (BS Statistics,  M.Phil, PhD programs) 0313-9594200
Department of Forestry & Wildlife Management  Dr. Majid Hussain (BS Forestry and M. Phil / PhD programs 0308-8144348
Dr. Muhammad Kabir  (Wildlife Management) 0303-5534435
Department of Medical Lab Technology  Mr. Naeem Bukhari 0331-5493532
Department of Information Technology Mr. Alamgeer Khan 0333-5065199 Alamgir
Department of Microbiology Dr. Javed Muhammad
Dr. Syed Muhammad Ali
Department of Physics Dr. Fayaz Khan 0333-5032879
Department of Chemistry Dr. Aliya Ibrar 0333-1974536
Department of Linguistics Muhammad Rizwan (BS English) 0321-5314633
Dr. Muhammad Faisal focal person for (BS Arabic, Certificate in Arabic Language, Diploma in Arabic language, Advance Diploma in Arabic Language) 0312-5632370
Department of Public Health Dr. Amjad Khan  3143003388.00
Departments of Agricultural Sciences Dr. Khalid Naveed  0333-9969781
Department of Economics  Ms.Rukhsana Naheed  0313-5418680
Department of Biology Dr. Aziz Ullah 0334-9688547
Department of History and Politics Waqas ur Rehman (BS Political Science, IR, Pak Study, History) 0334-5215616
Department of Health and Physical Education Mr. Rafique Khan 92-334-8991754
Department of Education Dr. Afzal Shah (B.Ed Hons Elementary 4 yrs,  B.Ed Secodary 1.5 yrs, B.Ed Secondary 2.5 yrs) 0315-9221961
Department of Psychology Dr. Najia Zulfiqar (BS Psychology, Post-Magistral Diploma in clinical Psychology, Advance Deploma in Counseling Psychology) 0337-0678-678
Department of Soil and Climate Sciences  Dr. Mazhar Rafique focal person for PhD Program 0334-9594200
Department of Entomology Dr. Rashid Azad Focal person for PhD Program 0332-5806189