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UOH Admissions Fall 2021

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 Admissions Announced for Ph.D. Programs (Admissions Fall 2021)

 Entry Test for Ph.D admissions except Ph.D Psychology shall be held on 31st July, 2021 at 10:00 AM (The University of Haripur) observing Covid-19 SOPs

 Entry Test Results for Ph.D Psychology Admissions Fall 2021


Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)

Workshop for affiliated colleges on

April 03, 2014
Quality Enhancement Cell has organized one day orientation workshop on “Minimum Quality standards (MQS)” for the faculty of the affiliated collages. Section Head QEC gave detailed presentation on Manual of MQS while Dr. M.  Jahangir highlighted the importance of Quality of education in colleges.

This is to enhance the capacity of affiliated colleges of pakistan in order to produce high quality graduates, support innovation and improve the overall governance and management of the higher education sector, the HEC is implementing government’s agenda of reforms for which the world bank is also extending its support.

Academic Division of HEC is mandated to implement project link with college education i.e DLI 4. In order to ensure that affiliating university and colleges work towards for achieving excellence through continuous improvement in their quality and effectiveness, the HEC has taken a significant initiative of improving standard of education in colleges affiliate to Pakistani universities and in this regard it has developed the minimum quality standards (MQS) to evaluate/Assess the physical infrastructure and academic resources’ of affiliated colleges.

Dr. Talat Mahmood Dy. Director QEC has been selected as evaluator for process and he was also part of the Quality Assurance team for the finalization of Draft of Manual for Minimum Quality Standards conducted by HEC (Academic Division) there in Lahore...