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Department of Psychology

Vision & Mission


The Department of Psychology at the University of Haripur aspires to expand understanding about the scientific principles of behavior and mental processes through learning and practice of psychology. The department is dedicated for an academic and professional empowerment of its students, faculty, and staff. Its’ vision is to cultivate passion for scholarly contribution to the field of psychology serving local, national, and international communities; to build connections with psychological organizations/institutions as well as with other field of studies for an acceleration of its progress; and to emerge as a recognized leader of psychological education in Pakistan and across globe.


The Department of Psychology at the University of Haripur is committed to produce an academic and professional excellence via an effective learning environment for students so that they can discover, critically think, and appreciate the complexity of human behavior and mental processes. The department strives to develop psychological knowledge and skill sets at foundation level during undergraduate program whereas it prepare students to preserve and transmit knowledge through careers choices during graduate program. The Post Magisterial Diploma in Clinical Psychology prepares students for professional careers. The department not only seeks to serve students from diverse backgrounds appreciating diversity and inclusion but also purports to ensure community outreach services.