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Department of Education

Vision and Mission

The Department of Education strives to equip the prospective teachers with the best possible ideals, skills and knowledge enabling them to serve better at local, national and international levels by restoring hope to build their respective communities in general.

Our mission is to provide the pre and in-service teachers with the updated knowledge of teacher education at elementary, secondary and higher levels according to the current international scenario. The education provided is meant to equip the teachers of the future with the demanding global skills including counseling, management, technological, research, assessment and educational leadership. Quality of education is maintained by designing courses for teacher education; BEd, MEd, MPhil and PhD in such a way that will enlighten educational leaders with analytical and interpretational capabilities to reshape, guide and promote the cause of education in Pakistan. In order to generate a class of quality teachers, education department strives to make the student-teachers result-oriented, problem-solvers and positive minded personalities with sublimity of character according to the ideology of Islam. In turn, these trained teachers educate the students and enlighten their minds. The programs offered are to develop the student-teachers in terms of their qualification, skills, educational planning and guidance. Along with inculcating among them creative and innovative ideas, they will, as well, build their organizational capabilities. We believe in education that can empower the student-teachers with firm, solid and unwavering belief in the truth of Islam and great inspiration to work devotedly towards the solidarity and integration of Pakistan for the existing and coming generations.