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Department of Forestry & Wildlife Management

UOH Pheasantry

The University of Haripur has established  a Pheasantry at its campus. The Pheasantry  is managed by the Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management of the University and comprises of 20 cages of 10′ x20′ size with a height of 10 feet .The cages are partially covered on the top with fiber glass to protect the bird feed and water from sun and rainfall. Natural environment has been created for the Pheasants in the cages by planting various species of plants including bushes and climbers. These plants provide hiding, thermal and breeding cover to the pheasants.

Several species of Pheasants have been kept in the Pheasantry. These includes Ring necked, Red Golden, Yellow Golden, Silver, Reave’s , Kalij, Lady Amhrest, Blue Indian Peafowl, Pied Peafowl and Wood green Pheasant.

The Pheasantry has become a great attraction for students, faculty and other visitors. It will be developed as a center for research and conservation of Pheasants. I will also promote Pheasant farming amongst community and enhance livelihood opportunities.
The Pheasantry will also act as a centre of information on pheasant. The students of Forestry and Wildlife Management Department of the University of Haripur will take turns in providing services as interpreters. Construction of a second block of Pheasantry is also planned  to add more species to the stock.