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Department of Psychology

Students Society


PSY – The Club of Psychologists


The aims of PSY society is to raise awareness about psychological knowledge, application and to promote standard of training and practice in psychology. It will be a student-run society at undergraduate and graduate level, providing support to its members for professional development through informative, social, and volunteer events on campus. The society plans to host conferences, training workshops, and seminars to represent the department on campus and in community.


The membership term will be 1 year long and one time extendable. The selected students can hold membership for maximum of two terms. The eligibility criteria for membership necessitates that students should not have any academic probation and/or ever faced proctor board for violation of disciplinary code of conduct.

Selection Procedure

All students willing to join the society will apply to its Vice President and he/she will scrutinize the individuals meeting eligibility criteria for membership. The Vice President will have the final authority to select or reject a candidate as per discretion. A student of Department of Psychology can only be a member of one society at a time however, s/he can join another such society at the university level.


The PSY – club for psychologists will offer salient roles namely Patron-in Chief, President, Vice President, and General Secretary other than auxiliary roles as Communication in-charge, Event organizer, Arts in-charge, and Media Head. Each member will have specialized set of responsibilities.


The meetings of society will take place as per requirements. Agendas of meetings will be delivered to all participants before commencements of meeting and the minutes will be prepared. Working Committee (2019 -2020)


Student Name




Maryam Raja

General Secretary

Rimsha Ajmal

Communication In-charge

Maria Hayat Khan

Event Organizer

Qurat-ul-ain and Muhammad Talha

Arts In-charge

Iqra Faraz and Sabahat Fida

Media Head

Muhammad Ali Shahid

Faculty Advisor

The PSY – Club for Psychologists will operate under guidance of a faculty advisor who will guide students in decision-making for holding various events but will not be responsible or involved in these activities. The faculty adviser will hold charge of only one society at the departmental level at a given time period however, s/he can serve at another society at the university level.

Main events

The PSY – Club for Psychologists aims to hold events such as Mental Health Week at annual basis and various awareness programs, workshops/seminars, and curricular/co-curricular activities during each term.