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Department of Psychology

Scheme of Studies (BS)

Scheme of Studies BS Psychology/Applied Psychology 4-Year Program
Note: Five categories of courses are assigned abbreviated labels as below

C = Compulsory; F = Foundation; M = Major; G = General; E = Elective

Semester Codes Courses Crd Hr. Label
ONE PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology 3 F
COM-112 Introduction to Computers 3 C
BIO-113 Biology 3 C
ENG-114 Functional English (ENG-I) 3 C
ISL-115 Islamic Studies 2 C
MTH-116 Mathematics 3 C
    Total 17  
TWO ENG-121 Writing & Presentation Skills (ENG-II) 3 C
PAK-121 Pakistan Studies 2 C
LNG-123 Language/UN Language 3 C
PSY-124 Applied Areas of Psychology 3 F
PSY-125 Schools and Perspectives in Psychology 3 F
PSY-126 Experimental Psychology 3 F
    Total 17
THREE ENG-211 Communication Skills (ENG-III) 3 C
PSY-212 Theories of Personality 3 F
PSY-213 Practical in Psychology 2 F
SOC-214 Introduction to Sociology 3 G
EDU-215 Introduction to Education 3 G
PSY-216 Statistics in Psychology 3 M
    Total 17
FOURTH PSY-221 Social Psychology 3 F
PSY-222 Ethical Issues in Psychology 3 F
PSY-223 Psychopathology 3 F
PSY-224 Psychological Assessment 3 F
PSY-225 Biological Psychology 3 F
PSY-226 Research Methods-I 3 M
    Total 18
FIFTH PSY-311 General Education Course-III 3 G
PSY-312 General Education Course-IV 3 G
PSY-313 General Education Course-V 3 G
PSY-314 General Education Course-VI 3 G
PSY-316 Research Methods-II 3 M
    Total 15
SIXTH PSY-321 General Education Course-VII 3 G
PSY-322 General Education Course-VIII 3 G
PSY-323 Cognitive Psychology 3 M
PSY-324 Developmental Psychology 3 M
PSY-325 Health Psychology 3 M
    Total 15
SEVENTH PSY-323 Positive Psychology 3 M
PSY-481 Cross-cultural Psychology 3 M
PSY-482 Environmental Psychology 3 M
PSY-483 Data Analysis using SPSS 3 M
PSY-484 Gender Issues in Psychology 3 M
PSY-485 Group Research 2 M
    Total 17
EIGHTH PSY-481 Clinical Psychology 3 E
PSY-482 Organizational Psychology 3 E
PSY-483 Counseling Psychology 3 E
PSY-484 Neuro Psychology 3 E
PSY-485 Internship Report/Research Thesis* 4 M
    Total 16