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UOH Admissions Spring 2023

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 Admissions announced for BS/BS 5th Semester/M.Sc (Hons)/MS/M.Phil/Ph.D Programs (Admissions Spring 2023).


Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Scheme of Studies BS Mathematics

Scheme of Studies for BS (Mathematics)
BS (Mathematics) is a 128 credit hours program of studies spread over eight semesters. The domains and the number of courses and their credit hours assigned to these domains are as follows.
Domains Number of Courses Number of Credit Hours
Compulsory requirements 9 25
General Courses 7 21
Discipline Specific Foundation
10 33
Major Courses including
Research Project
11 + Project 37
Elective Courses within the Major 4 12
  41 + Project 128

BS-Mathematics Program
Semester 1

Codes Subject Cr. Hrs.
MTH-101 Calculus-I 3
MTH-102 Elements of Set Theory and Mathematical Logic 3
MTH-103 English I (Functional English) 3
MTH-104 Islamic Studies/ Ethics 2
MTH-105 Discrete Mathematics 3
MTH-106 Introduction to Computing 3+1
Total   18

Semester 2

 Codes Subject Cr. Hrs.
MTH-111 Calculus-II 3
MTH-112 Linear Algebra 3+1
MTH-113 Mathematical Statistics 3
MTH-114 English Communication Skills 3
MTH-115 Pakistan Studies 2
MTH-116 Mathematical Economics 3
 Total   18

Semester 3

Codes Subject Cr. Hrs.
MTH-201 Algebra-I (Group Theory) 3
MTH-202 Calculus-III 4
MTH-203 Physics-I (Mechanics) 3
MTH-204 English-III (Technical Writing and Presentation Skills)              3
MTH-205 Affine and Euclidean Geometry 3
Total    16

Semester 4

Codes Subject Cr. Hrs.
MTH-211 Ordinary Differential Equations 2+1
MTH-212 Algebra-II (Rings and Fields) 3
MTH-213 Physics-II (Electricity and Magnetism) 3
MTH-214  Applied Psychology and Data Analysis in SPSS 3
MTH-215 Any Foreign Language/Chinese Language 3
 Total   15

Semester 5

Codes Subject Cr. Hrs.
MTH-301 Topology-I 3
MTH-302 Differential Geometry 3
MTH-303 Partial Differential Equations 3
MTH-304 Real Analysis-I 3
MTH-305 Software packages (Mathematica 7.0, Matlab etc) 1+2
Total    15

Semester 6

Codes Subject Cr. Hrs.
MTH-311 Classical Mechanics 3
MTH-312  Computer Programming 2+1
MTH-313 Complex Analysis 3
MTH-314 Functional Analysis-I 3
MTH-315 Real Analysis-II 3
 Total   15

Semester 7

Codes Subject Cr. Hrs.
MTH-401 Numerical Analysis 3+1
MTH-402 Number Theory 3
MTH-403 E-1 3
MTH-404 E-2 3
MTH-405 Mathematical Methods 3
Total   16

Semester 8

 Codes Subject Cr. Hrs.
MTH-411 Probability Theory 3
MTH-412  Integral Equations 3
MTH-413 E-3 3
MTH-414  E-4 3
MTH-405 Project  3
 Total   15

General Courses for BS Mathematics The courses G-1, G-2, G-3 and G-4 may be chosen from following titles.

Physics-I Physics-II Biology Economics
Chemistry Accounting Psychology Sociology
Philosophy Environmental Sciences    

Elective Courses for BS Mathematics

Measure Theory Rings and Modules Advanced Group
Algebraic Topology Projective Geometry Graph Theory
Galois Theory Lie Algebra Riemannian Geometry
Fluid Mechanics General Relativity Special Relativity
Electromagnetism Mathematical Modeling Optimization Theory
Modules over PID Mathematical Biology Statistical Inferences
Simulation Mathematical Physics Dynamical Systems
Functional Analysis-II Topology-II Fuzzy Algebra
Quantum Mechanics History of Mathematics Axiomatic Set Theory
Lie Groups Category Theory Pointless Topology
Econometrics Convex Analysis