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Department of Medical Lab Technology

Research & Publications

List of Publications
Dr. Abdul Jabbar

  • Ali S, Khan MT, Khan AS, Mohammad N, Khan MM, Ahmad S, Noor S, Jabbar A, Cantillon D, Hassan F. Prevalence of Multi-Drug Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – A High Tuberculosis Endemic Area of Pakistan. Polish Journal of Microbiology. 2020; (Impact Factor = 0.776)
  • Muhammad A, Khan SN, Jamal T, Haq IU, Jabbar A, Ali I. Bacterial spectrum and antimicrobial profile of pediatric blood stream infection at a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan. Chinees medical sciences ISSN:1001-9294. CN:11-2752. 2020. (Impact Factor = 0.2).


  • Jabbar A , Phelan J, de Sessions PF , Khan TA, Rahman H, Khan SN, Cantillon DM, Wildner LM, Ali S, Campino S, Waddell S, Clark T. Whole genome sequencing of drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from a high burden tuberculosis region of North West Pakistan. Scientific Reports. 2019; 9:14996. (Impact Factor = 4.5)
  • Shafee M, Abbas F, Tanveer Z, Whitelaw A, Tow LA, Ashraf M, Ahmad I, Patching SG, Jabbar A, Akbar A, Mustafa MZ. Predominance of Central Asian strain (ST 26) in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Balochistan by spoligotyping. The Journal of infection in developing countries. 2019; 13(7):619-625. doi:10.3855/jidc.10803. (Impact Factor = 1.33)
  • Aziz N, Imran T, Husain HA, Naseem M, Hussain M, Khan N, Nazir H, Sumbal A, Wahid RA and Jabbar A. Isolation and Identification of Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase (ESBL) Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumonia in Urine Samples of UTI Patients. Indian Journal of Natural Sciences. 2019; 9 (54), 78-84. (Impact Factor = 0.65)
  • Imran T, Arif S, Bano R, Aziz N, Naseem M, Nazir H, Sumba A, Khan N, Gurganari L, Jabbar A*. Frequency and risk factor of typhoid fever in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. International Journal of Biosciences. 2019; 14 (6), 21-27. (HEC Recognized)


  • Khan AS, Ali S, Khan MT, Ahmed S, Khattak Y, Jabbar A, Irfan M, Sajjad W. Comparison of GeneXpert MTB/RIF assay and LED-FM microscopy for the diagnosis of extra pulmonary tuberculosis in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology. 2018; 49(4):909-913. (Impact factor=1.091).


  • Rahman H, Khan SU, Khan MA, Qasim M, Jabbar A, Khan SN, Khan Z, Khan TA, Hussain M, Muhammad N, Ali N. Molecular detection of rifampicin resistance by GeneXpert® assay among treated and untreated pulmonary tuberculosis patients from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance. 2017; 9: 118-120. DOI: 10.1016/j.jgar.2017.02.013 (Impact factor = 2.02).
  • Ullah I, Javaid A, Masud H, Ali M, Basit A, Ahmad W, Younis F, Yasmin R, Khan F, Jabbar A, Husain M, Butt ZA. Rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance in extra pulmonary TB and sputum smear negative pulmonary suspects using Xpert MTB/RIF. Journal of Medical Microbiology. 2017; 66(4):412-418. doi: 10.1099/jmm.0.000449 (Impact factor=2.248).
  • Khan MY, Saleem A, Jabbar A, Rehman HU, Khan M. Ratio of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viral infection in pregnant women of Haripur KPK, Pakistan. Biomedicine and Surgery. 2017; 1(2):73-76.


  • Khan SU, Rahman H, Ayaz S, Qasim M, Jabbar A, Khurshid M, Hussain M, Muhammad N, Rehman SU, Ali N. GeneXpert assay for rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in respiratory specimens from a high TB endemic area of Pakistan. Microbial Pathogenesis. 2016; 95:82-85. (Impact factor=2.332)
  • Bukhari N, Saleem A, khan MA, Khan SN, Jabbar A, Ahmad B, Khan A. Comparative clinical utility of Widal and Typhidot in the diagnosis of typhoid fever. International Journal of Biosciences. 2016; 9 (2), 92-96. (HEC Recognized)
  • Bukhari N, Saleem A, Jabbar A, Khan SN, Ahmad B, Habib N, Haseeb A, Khan A, Ali MZ, khan MA, Khan AA. Frequency of typhoid fever and its association with seasonal variations in Taxila, Pakistan. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease. 2016; 6(8), 608-610.
  • Bibi N, Ullah I, Ali M, Mughal A, Jabbar A, Ihtesham M, Nisa I, Yasin N, Jehan S, Javaid A, Ali Q. Quality Testing and Antimicrobial Activity of Norfloxacin in Pakistan. American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences. 2016; 17 (1), 165-171.


  • Jabbar A, Khan J, Ullah A, Rahman H, Ali I. Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis from Human sputum samples through multiplex PCR. Pakistan journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2015; 28(4): 1275-1280 (Impact factor=0.682).


  • Riaz AK, Ashfaq UR, Ayaz Ad, Jaseem M, Jabbar A, Khan SA, Iqbal A, Ahmad N, Wadood A, Rahman T. Prevalence and Antibiotic Susceptibility Profile of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) isolated from different clinical samples in district Peshawar. Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences. 2014; 4(8): 40-46 (Impact factor=0.702)


  • Jabbar A, Khan SU, Munir S, Hasan NU, Niazi HR. Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolates in Lahore. International Journal of Advances in Pharmaceutical Research.  2013; 4(6): 1810 – 1816.
  • Hasan NU, Chaiharn M, Shah S, Khalid H, Jabbar A. Simultaneous Determination of NSAID and Antimicrobial Preservatives using Validated RP-HPLC Method: an Application in Pharmaceutical and Clinical Laboratories. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis. 2013; 4 (8): 1-7.(Impact factor=2.979)
  • Munir S, Jamal Q, Bano K, Sherwani SK, Bokhari TZ, Khan TA, Azim R, Jabbar A, Anees M. Biocontrol ability of Trichoderma. International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciences. 2013;6 (18):1246-1252. (Impact factor=0.84)
  • Iqbal H, Ishfaq M, Jabbar A, Abbas MN, Rehman A, Ahmad S, Zakir M, Gul S, Shagufta3 IB, Ullah M, Ahmad W. Physico-Chemical Analysis of Drinking Water in District Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. International Journal of Basic Medical Sciences and Pharmacy. 2013; 3 (2): 37-41.
  • Rehman A, Iqbal H, Rehman HU, Iqbal T, Ullah W, Rauf MK, Jabbar A, Shagufta BI, Ullah S, Ahmad I. Study of heavy metals in medicinal plant solanum Xanthocarpum. International Journal of Science Innovations and Discoveries. 2013; 3 (2): 254-260.


Dr Sadiq Noor Khan:

  • Nargis Jamila, Naeem Khan, In Min Hwang, Malka Saba, Faryal Khan, Farhat Amin, Sadiq Noor Khan, Amir Atlas, Fatima Javed, Aaliya Minhaz, Faheem Ullah. Characterization of natural gums via elemental and chemometric analyses, synthesis of silver nanoparticles, and biological and catalytic applications. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 0141-8130. 147:853-866.2020.
  • Jabbar. A, J. E. Phelan, P. F. Sessions, T. A. Khan, H. Rahman, S. N. Khan, D. M. Cantillon, L. M. Wildner, S. Ali, S. Campino, S. J. Waddell & T.G. Clark. Whole genome sequencing of drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from a high burden tuberculosis region of north West Pakistan. Scientific Reports. 2045-2322. 9:1-9. 2019
  • Jamila. N, N. Khan, I.M. Hwang, E.Y. Nho, J. Y. Choi, A.Atlas, S. N. Khan, F. Amin, F. Javed and K.S. Kim. Application of Phytochemical and Elemental Profiling, Chemometric Multivariate Analyses, and Biological Activities for Characterization and Discrimination of Fruits of Four Garcinia Species. Analytical Letters. ‎ 0003 - 2719 . 53: 122-139. 2020.
  • Nargis Jamila, Naeem Khan, In Min Hwang, Sadiq Noor Khan And Amir Atlas. Elemental Analysis And Bioactivities Of Echinops Echinatus Roxb. (Globe Thistle) Via Spectroscopic Techniques. Pakistan Journal of Botany. ‎ 0556 - 3321 . 52: 121-128. 2020.
  • Sajid Ali, Muhammad Tahir Khan, Anwar Sheed Khan  , Noor Mohammad, Muhammad Mumtaz Khan, Sajjad Ahmad, Sadiq Noor, Abdul Jabbar, Cantillon Daire and Fariha Hassan. Prevalence of Multi-Drug Resistant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – A High Tuberculosis Endemic Area of Pakistan. Polish Journal of Microbiology. 1733-1331. 69: 33–137. 2020
  • Nargis Jamila, Naeem Khan, In Min Hwang, Ji Yeon Choi, Eun Yeong Nho, Sadiq Noor Khan, Amir Atlas, Kyong Su Kim.  Determination of macro, micro, trace essential, and toxic elements in Garcinia cambogia fruit and its anti‚Äźobesity commercial products. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. Print ISSN: 0022-5142. 99:2455-2462. 2019.
  • Hazir Rahman, Shakir Ullah Khan, Muhamamd Amjad Khan, Muhammad Qasim, Abdul Jabbar, Sadiq Noor, Zakir Khan, Taj Ali Khan, Mubbashir Hussain, Noor Muhammad, Nawab Ali. Molecular detection of rifampicin resistance by GeneXpert®assay among treated and untreated pulmonary tuberculosis patients from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Journal of global antimicrobial resistance. 2213-7165. 9:118-120. 2017
  • Khan, S. N., S. Neimann, M. Gulfraz, M. Qayyum, S. Siddiqi, Z. S. Mirza, S. Tahsin, M. Ebrahimi-Rad and A. Khanum. Molecular Characterization of Multidrug-Resistant Isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Patients in Punjab, Pakistan. Pak. J. Zool., vol. 45(1), pp. 93-100, 2013. (Impact factor: 0.338 )
  • Ashraf, S., M. A. N. Saqib, M. Z. Sharif, A. A. Khattak, S. N. Khan, S. A. Malik, S. Tahseen, A. Khanum. Evaluation of diagnostic potential of Rv3803c and Rv2626c recombinant antigens in TB endemic country Pakistan. J. Immunoassay and Immunochemistry, (DOI: 10.1080/15321819.2013.824897 2012) (Impact Factor: 0.727)
  • Khan. N.,S. T. Hussain, A. Saboor, N. Jamila, S. N. Khan  and K. S. Kim. 2013. Chemical Investigation of the Drinking Water Sources from Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. World Applied Sciences Journal 27 (1): 112-122.
  • Jamila. N., S. N. Khan  and N. Khan. 2014. Chemical Constituents from the Bark of Garcinia hombroniana Pierre and Their Biological Activities. Rec. Nat. Prod. 8: 312-316 (Impact Factor: 1.560).
  • Jamila. N., S. N. Khan  and N. Khan. 2013. Complete NMR assignments of bioactive rotameric (3→8) biflavonoids from the bark of Garcinia hombroniana. Megnetic Resonance In Chemistry (Accepted) IF: 1.528
  • Jamila. N., Khairuddean. M. H. Osman, N. N. Syazni, N. M. Kama, N. S. Yaacob and S.N. Khan. 2014. Cytotoxic benzophenone and triterpene from Garcinia hombroniana. (Submitted to Bioorganic Chemistry-Accepted) IF:1.747.

Dr. Ihsan Ali

  • Elyse DavisLiam HicksIhsan AliElizabeth SalzmanJoyce WangEvan  SnitkinKristen GibsonMarco CassoneLona ModyBetsy Foxman. Epidemiology of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecium and Enterococcus faecalis Colonization in Nursing Facilities. Open Forum Infectious Diseases. ISSN: 23288957. 23288957. 2020.
  • Anees Muhammad, Sadiq Noor Khan, Tahir Jamal, Irshad Ul Haq, Abdul Jabbar, Ihsan Ali. Bacterial spectrum and antimicrobial profile of pediatric blood stream infection at a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan. Chinees medical sciences ISSN:1001-9294. CN:11-2752. 2020.
  • Ali I, Rafaque Z, Ahmed I, Tariq F, Graham SE, Salzman E, Foxman B, Dasti JI. Phylogeny, sequence-typing and virulence profile of uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) strains from Pakistan. BMC Infectious diseases ISSN: 1471-2334. 2019.
  • Ihsan Ali, Javid Iqbal Dasti. Chikungunya virus; an emerging arbovirus in Pakistan. JPMA. ISSN‎ : ‎ 0030-9982. 2018.

 Dr. Aamer Ali Khattak

  •  Aamer A Khattak, Meera Venkatesan, Christopher G Jacob, Elena M Artimovich, Muhammad F Nadeem, Farida Nighat, Francis Hombhanje, Toshihiro Mita, Salman A Malik, Christopher V Plowe.A comprehensive survey of polymorphisms conferring anti-malarial resistance in Plasmodium falciparum across Pakistan. Malaria Journal 2013, 12:300 (29 August 2013)
  • Aamer A Khattak, Meera Venkatesan, Muhammad F Nadeem, Humayoon S Satti, Adnan Yaqoob, Kathy Strauss, Lubna Khatoon, Salman A Malik, Christopher V Plowe. Prevalence and distribution of human Plasmodium infection in Pakistan. Malaria Journal 2013, 12:297 (28 August 2013)
  •  Ashraf Sajjad, saqib muhammad Arif nadeem, sharif mirza Zahid, sadiq muhammad, Khattak Aamer Ali, Malik  Salman Akbar, khanum Azra. Evaluation of diagnostic potential of acute and latent stage TB specific antigens. 30th IFBLS World Congress, 18 - 22 August 2012 Berlin, Germany
  •  Khan J.K., Hameed A,  Munim M.R., Bhatti M., Khattak A.A., Usman M., Nadeem M.F., Satti H.S., Munir M.2010. Evaluation of the Performance of Two Rapid Immunochromatographic Tests for Detection of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen and Anti HCV Antibodies Using Elisa Tested Samples. special edition annals (KEMU) vol 16. no.1 jan. - mar. 2010.
  • Awan, I N., Rizvi, S.K.A.., Sadiq, M.A.N., Shahzad,M.I., Khattak,A.A., Tahseen,S.,Khan,I H.,Ravindran., Leuciew, P.A. and Khanum,A. 2011.Expression and Purification of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (M.TB) Antigens for use in immuno assay for serodetection of  M.TB infection in TB patients.pak.j.zool.43.