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UOH Admissions Fall 2023

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 Admissions Open for BS (4 Years)/BS 5th Semester Programs (Admissions Fall 2023 Phase II).

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 Merit List for BS/BS 5th Semester Programs (Admissions Fall 2023 Phase I)

 Merit List for MS/M.Phil/Ph.D Programs (Admissions Fall 2023 Phase I)


Department of Public Health & Nutrition

Program Goals

  1. To develop public health discipline on modern and innovative lines for teaching and research for the graduate and post-graduate students as per International standards.
  2. To develop the research skills and capabilities among the students to address the problems and contemporary issues related to the field of public health.
  3. To impart basic and applied high-quality knowledge and skills utilizing highly advanced analytical research techniques.
  4. To improve the quality, organization and management of health services through critical analysis of the health system.
  5. To guide disease prevention and treatment in different areas of communicable and non-communicable diseases using economic and epidemiological analysis.
  6. To understand the influence on health from individual behaviors including sexual practices, drug use, and gender violence, and evaluating behavioral change interventions.
  7. To assess the potential effect of environmental factors on health, especially climate change, air pollution, housing and transport, and evaluating public health policies in these areas.