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Department of Physics

HOD Message

Welcome to the Department of Physics at The University of Haripur. You are about to embark on an invigorating new stage of your life, one that will bring many invaluable learning opportunities with it. The Department  aims to provide a challenging, supportive and culturally diversified environment for its students. The vision is to nurture the students’ talent in the area of core and applied physics, and ignite enthusiasm, interest and passion in the study of physics and to prepare our students to be the future leaders, and to ensure academic and personal excellence.

It is a privilege to chair Department of Physics at The University of Haripur, a hub of academic excellence, with a strong inclination towards concept based learning and a culture of research and innovation. Cognizant of the dynamics of higher education, the highly competent, qualified and dedicated faculty of The University of Haripur, at the Department of Physics help nurture a knowledge driven atmosphere conducive to learning. In a transforming globalized environment, it will be our endeavor to foster creativity to enable our graduates to contribute at the national and international level. The focus of the department would be on synergizing multidisciplinary research to accrue benefits of upcoming creative technologies.

We expect our graduates to be fervent scientists and engineers who are committed to improving the quality of human life through knowledge and technology. I look forward to working with ingenious, ardent and curious students. I welcome the opportunity to learn from you. Let us together build on the tradition of academic excellence.


Head of Department
Dr. Fayyaz Khattak
Department of Physics
The University of Haripur