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UOH Admissions Spring 2023

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 Admissions announced for BS/BS 5th Semester/M.Sc (Hons)/MS/M.Phil/Ph.D Programs (Admissions Spring 2023).


Department of Public Health & Nutrition

Mission & Scope

Mission Statement
“To build communities and populations through the promotion of health and prevention of disease by training of multidisciplinary professionals to achieve the goal of public health”
Institutional Mission
The Mission of UOH is to achieve and maintain high standards in every sphere of its teaching and promote an open, collaborative and novel culture of scientific inquiry to improve the lives and livelihoods of the peoples through sustainable development.
Public health is the science and art of monitoring and preventing the spread of diseases and promoting health safety measures by organized efforts of society. Improving the Quality of Life is the main goal of public health including biological, physical and mental health. Chemotherapy mainly focuses on the health of individuals whereas public health focuses on the measures and health policies of the public in the aggregate. To cope with these broad spectra and challenging goals, public health professionals engage in a broad range of functions involving biological sciences, technology, social sciences and politics. Professionals of public health utilize the latest knowledge and techniques to anticipate and prevent future health issues. Public health also involves the implementation of such strategies and policies to identify and resolve health problems. It has been widely accepted that public health is a global issue and will become even more in the current and coming era due to the interconnectedness of different nations through modern communications sources that increase the need to address epidemics of communicable and non- communicable diseases. Therefore public health profession is to address the problem of health, social, political, and economic factors that have an impact on community health measures.
The Scope of a public health program encompasses a wide variety of opportunities. Socially, it provides professionals who can determine the direction of health for the nation in a truly right direction. If you hold a degree of Master of Science in Public Health, there are numerous jobs in the public health field. Indeed, career options exist in many different locations and organizations. Public health graduates & postgraduates can simply join government ministries of health and health related departments. NIH is an example of a health-related public sector organization. In addition, there is a plethora of non-governmental organizations that are supposed to serve the community.

  • Non-profit Organizations: Non-profit organizations have unification of global goals and initiatives within the public health field. They focus more on specific diseases, population, or health issues in the community or the world. Few examples of non-profit organizations are the American Red Cross, Planned Parenthood, The Allies for Health + Wellbeing, the World Health Organization (WHO) etc.
  • Healthcare Organizations: Public health professionals may also join hospital, healthcare systems, long-term care and rehabilitation facilities where they will work on patient education about diseases and can conduct clinical or public health researches.
  • Educational Institutions: Post-graduate public health professionals may serve in various national and international academic institutions, colleges and universities. This role often requires a blend of research and education.