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Department of Medical Lab Technology

HOD's Message

Medical Laboratory Technology is one of the most successful departments of University of Haripur having highly qualified and skilled teaching staff of various specialties. Medical Laboratory Science is concerned with clinical education and intended to offer students with chance to apply and integrate technical knowledge and skills in actual clinical settings.

Medical Laboratory Technologists are professionals who have the technical expertise necessary to perform a wide variety of routine and specialized tests on patient specimens to help the physician in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. These professionals practice in hospital laboratories, private medical laboratories, public health laboratories, government laboratories, research and educational institutions.  During the course work, students gain knowledge about diseases diagnostic test procedures, instrumentation in the clinical laboratory and quality control methods to get accurate results. This course does not merely aim to impart scientific knowledge but will also provide students with opportunities to develop a variety of personal qualities and transferable skills, such as self- assurance, communication skills, writing skills, and the ability to make objective judgments.


Dr. Sadiq Noor Khan
Head of Department
Department of Medical Lab Technology
The Uiversity of Haripur