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UOH Admissions Fall 2023

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 Admissions Open for BS (4 Years)/BS 5th Semester Programs (Admissions Fall 2023 Phase II).

 Entry Test Results for MS/M.Phil/M.Sc (Hons)/Ph.D Degree Programs (Admissions Fall 2023 Phase II)

 Merit List for BS/BS 5th Semester Programs (Admissions Fall 2023 Phase I)

 Merit List for MS/M.Phil/Ph.D Programs (Admissions Fall 2023 Phase I)


Department of History & Politics

HOD Message

I, on behalf of the faculty and staff, welcome  the students to make the most of an invigorating  academic environment and pursue their educational dreams. The Department will strive to provide highest quality education to the students and enable them to make significant contribution in the future.
         History does not remember gardens.
You forgot the wise administrators, those who kept the peace, those who brought prosperity. You needn' t feel embarrassed , though. So did History.


Department of Histoty & Politics
The University of Haripur