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Department of Linguistics

HOD Message

It is a pleasure to welcome you all to the Department of Linguistics at The University of Haripur (UOH). The department is devoted to bringing excellence in teaching, learning and research in local as well as international languages. We believe that all the languages and cultures of the world are a common heritage of humanity. Through learning the languages of each other, we will be better able to develop a deeper understating of human beings and challenges faced by them. This will provide us with the opportunity to find the ways for peaceful co-existence, Department of English is determined to provide the best experience of learning and research. The students are not only encouraged to acquire knowledge, information and skills of their field, but also invigorated to be responsible citizens and informed human beings, to enhance the cross-cultural communicability and wellbeing of the people across the globe.

Our ambition is to produce graduates who are equipped, not only to survive but to thrive in the competitive world. The faculty at the department strives to deliver not only knowledge, information or skills but also play

their part to make their students to be responsible citizens and informed human beings.
I look forward to welcome you in The Department of Linguistics and hope that you will enjoy the learning phase of your life.

Head of Department of Linguistics
The University of Haripur