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Department of Forestry & Wildlife Management

Chairman's Message

Welcome to the Department of Forestry & Wildlife Management. The department is committed to supporting the mission of the University of Haripur. It does this through excellence in classroom instruction, by motivating students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and competencies sought by employers, and by creating knowledge that informs and advances in Forestry& Wildlife Management.

The department offers four graduate programs and two undergraduate programs.  Students in the Bachelor’s degree in Forestry as well as in Wildlife Management acquire a foundation of key concepts and skills that are applicable to forest & wildlife conservation, coupled with the technical skills needed to support particular career paths. Recent graduates have gone on to work for organizations including WWF, IUCN, Provincial Forest Departments.

The department faculty is well blend in nationally ranked programs that prepares students to be leaders and strategic thinkers in identifying, attracting, and developing talent, putting them on the path towards senior roles in managing national forest resources. Moreover, the department emphasizes experiential and extra-curricular learning to cultivate the skills and competencies that can position students for professional success. Through hands-on learning in classes, and internships, leadership in student clubs, and Global Learning and other out of class experiences, students can gain the practical experiences that complement their classroom learning. The goal of the department is to prepare its graduates so that they have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed from day one. The entire faculty is committed to student success and to being positive role models. They are advancing their fields of expertise, regularly publishing their research in the leading academic journals.  Bringing leading edge research to the classroom means that students benefit from recent advances in knowledge and the wisdom and insights of faculty at the forefront of their profession.


Dr. Syed Moazzam Nizami
Professor / Chairman
Department of Forestry & Wildlife Management
The University of Haripur.