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Institute of Management Sciences

Creative Bachelors Society

Creative Bachelors at University of Haripur has been a body of some Creative students active since 2012. It has performed a laudable role in exploring talent among students, organizing different programs and social events and provides opportunities to students to participate in healthy extra curriculum activities. It has always struggled for providing breaks to students to explore their hidden talent. Besides immense problems it faced in the past, ‘Creative Bachelors’ has got recognition from the students and faculty as well. This society is formed with the good intentions, high ambitions and is determined to strengthen students to put their potentials in good so that they can find a bit of relaxation from all core curriculum stress and also they get a chance for social interaction with the fellow students at university.




1. Organizing social activities and events such as raising public awareness on various issues such as health, education, human rights, ethics
2. Celebration of national and international days such as Iqbal Day, Independence Day, Defense Day, Pakistan Day, No Smoking Day, Aids Day, Child Labor
3. To arrange and organize lectures, discussion forums and seminars for expanding student’s intellectual capacity involving activities such as brain exercises, quizzes and competitions
4. To work in harmony with other societies for educational and healthy co-curricular activities for personal and social grooming
5. Organizing events for fund raising and donation campaigns regarding natural catastrophes such as floods, earthquakes and victims of terrorism, cancer patients
6. Collaborating with Carrier Development Cell for the student’s counseling regarding their future
7. Organizing trips to different industries to create awareness about university and its programs so that they can avail what they are missing out.


The mission of Creative bachelors is the pursuit of the following principles:
● Commitment: The Creative Bachelors want to inspire pro-social activities, strong
interpersonal skills and instill a sense of hope in the future.
● Responsibility: The focus of Creative Bachelors is to empower youth in establishing goals
and following through on commitments.
● Possibility: The Creative Bachelors wish to expand the perspective of young people to
make them aware of life’s possibilities.
● Support: An individual is dramatically influenced by the support system. Creative
Bachelors want to surround young people in a productive atmosphere to excel themselves
and take steps for the improvement of their surroundings.


● Motivation
● Discipline
● Inspiration
● Encouragement
● Friendly atmosphere

Keys To Success

● Establish a strong network of support and harmony with all working societies of university.
● Launch a series of fund raising activities for catastrophes faced by the country.
● Establish an effective program for members that will increase their ability to be successful communicators.

How to Join Creative bachelors?

Creative Bachelors highly appreciate students who wish to join them in heading towards
destination. Students need to fill a form provided by the Creative Bachelors and also an interview
will be conducted by the President and Vice President of the society.

How ‘Creative Bachelors’ works

Creative Bachelors arrange meetings on weekly basis to plan activities and gather ideas from all
members of the society and also to circulate the news of the events among the members. Every
member has an equal right to share ideas or criticize and idea. Members are awarded with
rewards on basis of their active participation in the events. President and Vice President of the
society also arrange a weekly meeting with supervisors of the society to brief them about the
planned activities and events and acquire their approval.

Supervisors of the Society

1- Mr. Attique Khattak (Institute of Management Sciences)
2- Miss Saira Ishfaq (Institute of Management Sciences)

Founder of the society

●Saheem Tanoli (Institute of Management Sciences)

Past Events Orgainzed by "Creative Bachelors"

Creative Bachelors has arranged some events for the students which were highly recognized and appreciated by the students and faculty of the university. Events organized by Creative Bachelors are as follows:
1) Welcome party for Fresher’s 2012
2) Jashan-e-baharan 2013
3) Welcome Party for Fresher’s 2013
4) Spring festival 2014
5) Fresher’s Party 2014
6) One day Seminar on “ CV making & Career Development”
7) One day Seminar on “Do’s & Dont’s of Job Hunting”
8) Peace Rally
9) Spring Gala 15
10) Welcome party 15 along with other societies
11) One day seminar on “Leadership”
12) One day seminar on “You are the one”
13) One day seminar on “ Psychological Career Counseling”
14) Inter-departmental debate competition
15) HEC 18th All Pakistan declamation contest
16) Spring Gala 2016
17) One Day workshop on “Clinical interview as a Diagnostic tool”

Welcome party for Fresher’s 2012-15

Every year ‘Creative Bachelors’ feel the urge and responsibility to throw a fresher’s party for the new intakes of university. The sole purpose of this event is to provide them with an informal platform where they can meet and greet their fellow new comers and become comfortable with their seniors too, to look forward for their help in the coming time at Campus. University’s Administration also plays a key role in arranging and managing the event to make sure there is no mishap and all the key points have been taken care of.

One day Seminar on “Do’s & Dont’s of Job Hunting”

When a person is looking for a job it is important for them to have thorough knowledge about what to do and what to avoid during the search time. Most of the fresh graduates lack with such information so a podium has been provided to them to have some know how about job hunting.

Spring Gala 2013-16

Throughout the year students and faculty are loaded with academic burden so for their refreshment and amusement a spring festival is organized each year to welcome spring and its enchanting colors that are spread all around us, and thank nature for such a blessing every coming year.

Peace Walk

A semi-formal appreciating ceremony was arranged by administration for the mountaineer peace walkers who walked all the way to Haripur from Hushe Valley, Gilgit Baltistan, to spread the message of peace. The management was over handed to ‘Creative Bachelors’ for the ceremony and a peace walk was held afterwards with university students and faculty to spread the message in vicinity.

All these events were enjoyed and appreciated by the students and faculty which gave Creative Bachelors a lift and encouragement to keep activities going in future.

Financial Status of Creative Bachelors'

Creative Bachelors has an aim to arrange different events by collecting funds from different organizations and also get sponsorships from NGO’s and Organizations. Members of the society also contribute in the society funds. This is for the first time at University of Haripur that a society is generating funds for the university. This initiative is also appreciated by the faculty.