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Department of Linguistics

Arabic Programs Introduction

 Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going, Learning another language can open doors and take you down twisting and turning paths you might never have expected to take before. In a fast-paced, constantly changing hyper-connected world, we rely on many forms of communication to create connections and build understanding between groups. Foreign language learning can allow for unique opportunities for both personal and professional growth, so, for aspiring language students, choosing the right one to invest your time in -- to learn and develop both written and conversational skills -- is an important decision. Arabic is a fascinating, Arabic is a very rich language; it has different dialects and different calligraphic forms and styles, it is a complex language with a long history and beautiful script, and it's definitely worth consideration as a field of study! The viewers may ask why we should study the Arabic. It is one of the important languages that belong to Semitic language family. However it is no more than language of certain race rather it has been the tool of learning and thinking of the whole Muslim nation since the arising of Islam 14th centuries ago. The Islamic character of this Language is to teaching Arabic Literature of various Muslim regions such as Arab World, Spain and PAK Indian Sub-continent. The official global recognition of Arabic by UNO is great importance attached to the Arabic language that emerges from the increasing interest of Arabic learners as second language for any purposes. So the distinctive status of the UOH amongst the Pakistani Universities for it makes Arabic fundamental ingredients in its academic programs. Although there is an abundance of reasons why you might consider enrolling in an Arabic language course right away, but here are the top ten you should consider. Studying Arabic could be the best decision you ever make!

1. Arabic speakers are in high demand
If you are fluent in Arabic, or have achieved a level of advanced competency in reading, writing, and conversational skills, you will be in high demand for the great amount of jobs and opportunities in the world for which Arabic is an essential requirement. In many countries, Arabic is the primary language of business and commerce. Having Arabic on your resume as one of the skills that could push your application to the top of the pile. The, “With the competitive salaries and positions available to fluent speakers, Arabic will become an invaluable skill for any job seeker.

2. Arabic is spoken in many countries
Additionally, the United Language Group reports that, “Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries, and has nearly 300 million native speakers. Economically, these countries have grown quickly in a short amount of time, and the Arab world has a combined GDP of $2.5 trillion.” So studying Arabic will open up opportunities to travel, work, and explore in all of these Arabic speaking countries.

3. it’s essential to understanding the world's second-largest religion, Islam
Language, culture, and religion are intimately linked together -- it’s almost like one cannot be understood without the other. “Islam is the second largest religion in the world, and the first largest religion in the Arab world. Islam is not only a religion to many Arabs, but also a lifestyle. When studying Arabic, you are not only learning a language but you also gain insight about Islamic beliefs and traditions. If you are interested in learning and understanding more about Islam, then studying Arabic is your gateway into a better understanding of this intriguing religion. 

4. Arabic can connect you to a rich history and another civilization
“Linguistic evidence seems to point to an origin of the Semitic languages somewhere between the Fertile Crescent an area that spanned the top of the Arabian Peninsula from Egypt to Syria and Kuwait and the Arabian ­Peninsula,” A language with such fascinating ancient origins is bound to offer students of the language access to a whole other world, with a rich history and foundations in another civilization and another time. 

5. Studying Arabic will offer you a more nuanced understanding of Arab culture 
Learning a language allows you to also delve deeper into the culture and traditions of the country or countries where that language is spoken. Studying Arabic will give you greater access into understanding more of the nuances and intricacies of Arab culture, which is often misunderstood and misrepresented through Western cultural lenses. How can we fight stereotypes and surface-level interactions? Learning a language is a powerful way to fight ignorance of places and people. Arab culture is rich and interesting. Learning the language will enable you to read some of the famous classic literature.

6. Travel will be easier in Arabic speaking countries
If you are someone who enjoys traveling off the beaten path, someone who always has itchy feet, or unquenchable wanderlust, then you will definitely want to consider studying Arabic. Travel will be much easier in Arab countries if you speak, read, and write Arabic. As the official language in 20 countries, you’ll gain access and be able to better interact with people in these countries if you know at least basic Arabic. 

7. Arabic can help you understand other languages easily 
Not surprisingly, the Arabic language is related to other world languages and knowing Arabic will grant you an easier time learning other languages such as Farsi or Persian, Turkish, Urdu, and Hebrew. A majority of the lexicon for these languages are similar or from the same root as Arabic words. The grammatical constructions and the semantics between these languages are similar.

8. Knowledge of Arabic will give you access to a growing market and jobs 
“Given that less than 1 percent of US college students study Arabic, just 32,000 out of 21 million total students, Arabic language skills will separate you from the crowd, no matter your professional field,” reports Cameron Bean for American Councils for Higher Education. Speaking, writing, and reading Arabic could very well help you gain a position at a school, college, university, company or organization in a growing and evolving job market in your country.   

9. Arabic speakers make good salaries
Finally, as an Arabic language savant, you can expect to earn a higher than average salary. Katie Russell writes in The Daily Telegraph that in 2016 roughly 20 percent of employers said Arabic was a useful language to them, which rose to 26 percent in 2017. Today, Arabic remains a high-demand language skill that can gross a high annual salary. However speaking a second language, not only opens new doors but also has numerous other advantages. You will gain valuable insight into another culture and access to another world. Perhaps Nelson Mandela said it best: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language that goes to his heart.” Arabic is one of the most coveted language skills, so open the door that’s been waiting for you, so come on learn it and specialize in it.

A general and a basic objective that serves the University of Haripur particularly and the state of Pakistan in general and that objective is; patronage of Arabic Language within and without the University and its strengthening in this part of the world.
The specific objective related to Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels and 4years BS is to produce:
1- Those who understand the various aspects of Arabic language in order to promote the Holy Quran.
2- To produce an ideal Arabic Program for teaching non-Arab students as required by the circumstances of their development of Arabic language and Arabic literature in their respective countries with reference to Arabic language.
3- To develop the skill/knowledge of students in Arabic language as reflected in the Holy Quran and tradition of Holy Prophet.
4- Participation and contribution for promotion of Arabic in Pakistan in view of its fresh importance in the wake of present drive to implement Shariah in the country and Islamization of the country’s Law cannot materialize without dissemination of knowledge of Arabic language. In order to realize these objectives, the Department of Linguistics offers various Courses in Arabic Language and literature.