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UOH Admissions Fall 2021

Click on below links for Admissions Fall 2021.

 Admissions Announced for Ph.D. Programs (Admissions Fall 2021)

 Entry Test for Ph.D admissions except Ph.D Psychology shall be held on 31st July, 2021 at 10:00 AM (The University of Haripur) observing Covid-19 SOPs

 Entry Test Results for Ph.D Psychology Admissions Fall 2021


Tender Notice: Advertisement No UOH/ADV/60-2021

Public Health (UOH-ADV-60-2021) Download Here
Biology (UOH-ADV-60-2021) Download Here
Physics (UOH-ADV-60-2021) Download Here
Chemistry (UOH-ADV-60-2021) Download Here
Health & Physical Education (UOH-ADV-60-2021) Download Here
Horticulture (UOH-ADV-60-2021) Download Here
Environmental Sciences (UOH-ADV-60-2021) Download Here
Psychology (UOH-ADV-60-2021) Download Here