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Department of Linguistics

Student Stalls at Startup Hangama 2023

Entrepreneurship is a road towards self reliance and indigenous development. In such desperate times when the country faces economic and political turmoil, students must be equipped with the right entrepreneurial mindset to build executable ideas in a classroom setting. This process requires dedication on part of a teacher to groom novices around their passions and to polish and bring out their genuine personality. Moreover, as entrepreneurship is all about action and taking the plunge, a teacher needs to build the execution capabilities of the students so they can taste the flavors and benefits of entrepreneurship before going big.


Keeping this in mind, Mr. Imran Qadir , Lecturer, Department of Management Sciences teamed up with students of BS V from Linguistics department to showcase class initiatives of students in shape of business stalls at Startup Hangama 2K23. More than 100 students from the following classes and departments displayed their Startups on Wednesday 11th January 2023:

Class Department Subject
BS VA Linguistics Entrepreneurship
BS VB Linguistics Entrepreneurship
BBA VD Entrepreneurship Management Sciences Creativity & innovation
BS III Agri Business Entrepreneurial Marketing
BBA VIID Entrepreneurship Management Sciences Entrepreneurial Marketing
MBA Non Business II Management Sciences Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice
MBA Business I Management Sciences Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice

Creative bachelors and English literary society sponsored event coverage and marketing support.
As these stalls were part of an academic class activity, students practiced effectual principles and also executed entrepreneurial skills learnt in the subject. Despite a rainy day, the event was a super success in terms of leanings for the novice entrepreneurs. Students feedback can be seen in the event video provided on: