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Department of Entomology


Entomology is the study of insects and their relationship to humans, the environment, and other organisms. Insect are the most abundant group of animals in the world and are found in almost every habitat from the sands of hot deserts to cold snowy mountain streams. More than one million different species of insect have been described to date. Insects have lived on earth for more than 350 million years. Insects are important because of their diversity, ecological role, and influence on agriculture, human health, and natural resources.

The study of insects serves as the basis for developments in biological and chemical pest control, food and fiber production and storage, pharmaceuticals epidemiology, biological diversity, and a variety of other fields of science. Insects are hugely economically important in agriculture. They can be beneficial as pollinators and decomposers, or they can be detrimental as pests and vectors of plant diseases. Entomologists make great contributions to such diverse fields as agriculture, chemistry, biology, human/animal health, molecular science, criminology, and forensics.

Department of Entomology at the University of Haripur is one of the major departments of The University of Haripur in the Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences. It was established in 2018 and since then it is striving to gain excellence in teaching as well as research. The major areas of research are insect taxonomy, pollination biology, biological control, ecology, toxicology and integrated pest management. We offer diverse courses in various disciplines of Entomology at Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. level. The Department has established an Insect Museum, where a moderate collection of insect specimens are housed.