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 Admissions announced for BS/BS 5th Semester/M.Sc (Hons)/MS/M.Phil/Ph.D Programs (Admissions Spring 2023).


Department of Microbiology


Microbiology is a very important discipline in biological sciences. First admissions of the department were offered in fall 2012 in BS (Honors). Since its establishment, department of Microbiology has been expanding and has emerged as one of the largest departments of The University of Haripur. Our aim is to train students at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level to serve in different industries, hospitals and academia. We are trying our best to produce graduates with such skills and knowledge that can help to raise the country’s economy.

Mission Statement:
The Department of Microbiology will be recognized regionally, nationally as well as internationally for its scholarly work and effective student training. Our mission is to bring the Department among the top ten Microbiology Departments in the nation measured by scholarly works per faculty, student placement success, and other measures. We are working hard to provide quality education and conduct standard research related to microbiological issues for producing highly skilled manpower.

There is a vast scope of studies in Microbiology due to advancements in science and technology and the emergence of new industries. Microbiology graduates enter various areas such as research and development, healthcare, pharmaceutical industry, food, and dairy industry, apart from teaching at institutions of higher secondary education. Further, many of the Microbiology graduates are also successfully running their own diagnostic labs.