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Directorate of Affiliated Institutions


Role of universities towards its affiliated institutions is two dimensional i.e. monitoring and facilitation. Affiliated institutions having a long history since their creation to carry the academic activities at annual system. Semester system was totally new approach for the students as well as for the teaching faculty at these colleges. Universities comparatively have adopted the semester system earlier so playing as mentor and leader to the colleges in all aspects.  

Affiliated institutions are an integral part of the University of Haripur and being DAI, the university is bound to be watchful of the quality of education of these institutions, and at the same time is also responsible for the guidance through facilitation. Students studying at affiliated institutions are in-fact the student of university just like the students studying at main campus so the matter of academic quality is required to be dealt equally. Academic quality of the affiliated institutions reflects the quality of the learning environment of the University and the standard of the degrees’ awarded. The academic activities at affiliated institutions being indirectly monitored by the universities so it needs more close, friendly and at the same time firm compliance to the rules made by university time to time.

Basic objective of the Directorate of Affiliated Institutions at the University of Haripur is to minimize the communicational gape and to facilitate the affiliated institutions in attaining the desired level of quality through mentoring.