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UOH Research Projects

Sr# Title Amount
Million Rs.
PI Name Department Funding Agency Status Date of Approval Year Project Completion date
1 Screening of Pakistani Medicinal Plants for acetylcholine esterase inhibitory activity and their in-vitro certification using human brain microvascular endothelial cells 18.39644 Dr. Muhammad Jahangir Agriculture/Food Science HEC On going 2015 2015 May-22
2 Fodder Beet Seed Production Technology at Local level; its agro-physiological affects and cultivation on salt affected lands of Pakistan 2.52 Dr. Sami Ullah Khan Agriculture/Agronomy HEC Completed  Dec-16 2016 Dec-19
3 Endophytic organisms possible source of potent drugs 2.280984 Dr. Sobia Nisa Microbiology HEC Completed  2016 2016  
4 Shelf life extension and value addition of peaches 0.3 Dr. Muhammad Jahangir Agriculture/Food Science DOST Completed  2017 2017 Dec-20
5 Molecular Characterization and nutritional analysis of drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 3.1941 Dr. Sadiq Noor Khan Medical Lab Technology HEC On going 8/7/2017 2017 May-22
6 Biographies of Hanafi jurists: Intro & workds 4.13 Dr. Junaid Akbar Islamic & Religious Studies HEC Completed  19/10/2017 2017 1/10/2020
7 Spatial distribution , population, density, threats, and food habits of barking deer (Muntiacus muntjak) in Muree-Kahuta-Kotli satiyan National  2.351 Ms. Ume Habiba Forestry & Wildlife Management ALP Completed  15/11/2017 2017 15/12/2020
8 Molecular Characterization and Management of citrus greening disease in Hazara Division of KP 1.889024 Dr. Maimoona Sabir Microbiology HEC On going 15/11/2017 2017 15/11/2020
9 Building Community through food processing vocational training program 1 Dr. Muhammad Jahangir Agriculture/Food Science UoH+HEC Completed  2018 2018 Dec-19
10 Production of Disease resistant cultivators of maize against stalk rot caused by Fusarium species 3.188 Dr. Syeda Asma Bano Microbiology ALP On going 30/5/2018 2018 5/1/2022
11 Synthesis , isolation and purification of fruity flavors  catalyzed by crude plant seedlings lipases 8.921286 Dr. Muhammad Liaquat Agriculture/Food Science HEC On going 2/6/2018 2018 5/1/2022
12 Evaluation of Microbial Enzymes for Biotransformation of mycotoxins 2.3 Dr. Sadia Alam Microbiology HEC Completed  8/6/2018 2018 1/7/2020
13 Development of Low Phosphorus input wheat germplasm based on morphological, physiological and molecular traits for food security 7.274346 Dr. Sami Ullah Khan Agriculture/Agronomy HEC On going 14/10/2018 2018 May-22
14 Molecular Screening and the development of diagnostic kit against Hepatitis delta virus circulating in pakistani population 1.8 Dr. Farakh Javed Microbiology NRPU (HEC) On going 15-Nov-18 2018 Jun-20
15 Association of Helicobacter pylori infection with Gastric cancer patients of KP.  1.889024 Dr. Maimoona Sabir Microbiology HEC-NRPU On going 6/12/2018 2018 Dec-20
16 Biodiversity of family coccinellidae (Coleoptera) in Disrict Haripur, KP 0.455 Dr. Rashid Azad Agriculture/Entomology HEC Completed  15/1/2019 2019 15/1/2020
17 Prevalence of drug resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from nosocomial infections. 0.5 Dr. Ihsan Ali Medical Lab Technology HEC Completed  13/2/2019 2019 13/12/2019
18 Wood pellet bio-fuel 0.2 Dr. Majid hussain Forestry & Wildlife Management DOST Completed  1/7/2019 2019 30/6/2020
19 Creative Network plus: Baseline Research & Development Project 14.76 Dr. Asif Nawaz Education University of Derby Completed  1/9/2020 2020 1/3/2022
20 Smart Monitoring Robot For Hospital 0.026 Dr. Yousaf Saeed IT Ignite Completed  Sep-19 2019 Sep-20
21 Smart Irrigation System 0.041 Dr. Yousaf Saeed IT Ignite Completed  Sep-19 2019 Sep-20
22 Development Of Monitoring Cloud Computing Platform For Agriculture 0.08 Muhammad Junaid IT Ignite Completed  Sep-19 2019 Sep-20
23 Autonomous Fire Extinguisher Robot Vehical 0.029949 Muhammad Junaid IT Ignite Completed  Sep-19 2019 Sep-20
24 Indigenous Security Checking Using Motion Detection 0.058 Muhammad Junaid IT Ignite Completed  Sep-19 2019 Sep-20
25 Development of an Optical Aptasensor for the detection of microbial agents from food samples 3.0855 Dr. Syed Muhammad Ali Microbiology PSF Approved Nov-19 2019 May-22
26 Poverty allevation through linking medi 1.247 Dr. Shah Masud Khan Agriculture HEC Approved Nov-19 2019 Nov-20
27 Impact of nanoparticle on biochemical and agronomic attributes of maize and wheat 1.899 Dr. Abdul Qayyum Agronomy HEC On going Feb-20 2020 May-22
28 Dendrochronological Analysis of Historical Forts of Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan 1.1 Dr. Majid hussain Forestry & Wildlife Management SRGP-HEC Approved Sep-20 2020 1-May
29 Identification of Drought Tolerant Rice Genotypes ans Seedling Based Morpho-Physiological Selection Indices and Molecular markers Analysis for Crop Improvement 1 Dr. Sajid Faiz Plant Breeding and Genetics SRGP-HEC Approved Sep-20 2020 2021
30 Facets Selective Deposition of Metal on SrTiO3 and Resultant Impact on CO2 Reduction 1 Dr. Muzaffar Iqbal Chemistry SRGP-HEC Approved Sep-20 2020 May-22
31 Analysis of Adaptation Strategies and Adoption Challenges for Climate Change: A Case of Agriculture Sector in Hazara Division 0.6 Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz Management Sciences SRGP-HEC Approved 28-Sep-20 2020 May-22
32 Impact of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibilities on Corporate Performance: Does Earning Quality Moderates the Relationship in Pakistan? 0.6 Dr. Abdul Hasseb Management Sciences SRGP-HEC Approved 8-Oct-20 2020 May-22
33 “Synthesis and Characterization of different doped and composites of Manganese ferrite (MnFe2O4) nanoparticles used for different Industrial and Biomedical applications” 0.9 Dr. Faisal Zeb Physics SRGP-HEC Approved 16-Oct-20 2020 May-22
34 Preparation of HPLC Columns of very High Separation Efficiency for the Separation of Peptides and Proteins 1 Dr. Ashraf Ali Chemistry SRGP-HEC Approved 21-Oct-20 2020 May-22
35 Energy Optimization by Applying Adaptive Signal Processing Using real Time Data of Oceans Indian, Pacific, Southern, Atlantic and Arctic 1 Dr. Muhammad Tahir Information Technology SRGP-HEC Approved 22-Oct-20 2020 May-22
36 Machine Learning Driven Approach for Waterborne Disease Warning System 1 Dr. Mushtaq Hussain Information Technology SRGP-HEC Approved 22-Oct-20 2020 May-22
37 Forest Edge Effect on Carbon Density in Himalayan Moist Temperate Forests of Malakand Division 1 Prof. Dr. Muazam Nizami Forestry & Wildlife Management SRGP-HEC Approved 28-Oct-20 2020 May-22
38 Thermoelectric Properties of Doped Zinc Oxide (ZnO) at Higher Temperature under Different Sintering Atmospheres 1 Dr. Mati Ullah Physics SRGP-HEC Approved 29-Oct-20 2020 May-22
39 Isolation and purification of Bioactive Compounds from Pinus gerardiana and Dodnaea viscosa Plants and its Antihyperglycemic affect in Type 2 Diabetic Rats 1 Dr. Bashir Ahmad Biology  SRGP-HEC Approved 2-Nov-20 2020 May-22
40 Identifying Various Keys Challenges in mm-wave Communication and Prevail them by Cooperative Diversity Technique for Achieving a better end to end Performance 0.9 Dr. Muhammad Asshad Information Technology SRGP-HEC Approved 3-Nov-20 2020 May-22
41 Fabrication of CDs quantum dots post deposited CsPbI3/CsBr novel struchure all-inogranic Perovskite solar cell for high stability and high efficiency  1 Dr. Ihtisham Mehmood Physics SRGP-HEC Approved 3-Nov-20 2020 May-22
42 Exploration disease pattern and consequences of confection with malaria, dengue and typhoid in relation to COVID19, pandemic Maping disease perturbations and co-infection model formulation using a systems biology approach 1 Dr. Ayesha Obaid  MLT SRGP-HEC Approved 15-Nov-20 2020 May-22
43 Molecular Cloning and Biochemical characterization of UDP-MurNac-L-anany-D-gultamate: L-lysine Ligase (MurE0 from pathogenic bacteria for inhibitors Development 1 Dr. Muhammad Israr Biology  SRGP-HEC Approved 16-Nov-20 2020 May-22
44 Barriers in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language " A case study of chines learners at the Universities of Islamabad" 0.64 Dr. Muhammad Faisal  Linguestic SRGP-HEC Approved 17-Nov-20 2020 May-22
45 Neglect of Moral Development in Higher is menace to society: Bringing reforms is the need of the time 8.587 Dr. Najia Zulfqar  Psychology NRPU-HEC Approved 11-Dec-20 2020 May-24
46 Vocational Training and access to decent work for women domestic workers, transgender individuals and persons with disabilities: Reflections on Gender, labor and equality for social inclusion of disadvantaged groups of Hazara Division 28 Prof. Dr. Abdul Majid Management Sciences LCF-HEC Approved May-21 2021 2023
47 Large-scale Production of Indigenously Developed Pellet Biofuel in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan 6.2 Dr. Majid Hussain Forestry & Wildlife Management TTSF-HEC Approved May-21 2021 2023
48 Mineral Based Composite Accelerants for Enhancing Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Waste for Improving Biogas Yield and Giegestate Nutrients Quality as an Organic Fertilizer 5.5 Dr. Ayaz Mehmood  Soil and Climate Sciences  NRPU-HEC Provesionaly Approved 2021 2021 2025
49 Development of Biochar Technology for Remediation of Havey Metals and Pharmaceutical Contaminated Agriculture Soils 4.6 Dr. Alia Naz Environmental Sciences  NRPU-HEC Provesionaly Approved 2021 2021 2024
50 Development of Broad Spectrum Phage Cocktail and Endolysins against Multi Drug Resistant Mastitis Pathogens: In Vitro and In Vivo Study” 12.9 Dr. Muhammad Javeed Microbiology NRPU-HEC Provesionaly Approved 2021 2021 2024
51 Development of Higher Education Linkages between UK and Pakistan on the themes of heritage, knowledge economies and cultural tourism 2.07 Dr. Arfan Mahmood History and Politics British Council  Approved 2021 2021 2022
52 Development of and Formulation of Mycorrhizal Fungi based fertalizer  9.51 Dr. Ali Raza Gurmani Soil Science NSLP- PSF Approved 2021 2021 2023
53 Psychological and Social Impact of COVID-19 on Pakistan Population 1 Dr. Humera Qureshi Mathematics and Statistics HEC Approved August 18, 2021 2021 2022
54 Prediction of COVID-19 prevalence in Pakistan 1 Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan Mathematics and Statistics SRGP-HEC Approved August 18, 2022 2021 2022
55 Computational Fluid Dynamics of the Electro-kinetic Viscous Fluid and Magnetic Field Dependent Thermosolutal Convection Between Rotating Channels 1 Dr. Aamir Khan Mathematics and Statistics SRGP-HEC Approved Jan 15,2021 2021 May-22
56 Some Hybrid Structures of Q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Sets and its Applications in Various Fields 1 Dr Qaisar Khan Mathematics and Statistics SRGP-HEC Approved Jan 15,2021 2021 May-22
57 Epidemiological and mutational analysis of mitochondrial tRNA gene in myoclonal epileptic patients from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  0.5 Dr. Inam ullah Khan Department of MLT SRGP-HEC Approved 2020 2020 May-22
58 Evaluation of fermunating micro organizims for introduction of rice bran oil 2.1 Dr. Sadia Alam Microbiology NRPU-HEC Completed  8-Dec-20 2020