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University Advancement Cell (UAC)

Strategic Priority area Three: Marketing for UoH to Generate and Channelize Fund Raising

Over the last few years, higher education institutions (HEIs) in Pakistan are constantly struggling and striving for financial, material and human resources. Besides so many other issues, continues and consistent decline in government funding to HEIs is one of the worth mentioning issues. In such scenario and being a new born baby in higher education landscape of Pakistan, UoH would inadvertently be required to explore alternative ways and means for generating needful funding for augmenting its academic, research and infrastructure needs and requirements in addition to government funding. Besides other available options, marketing for UoH products, processes, programs, services, facilities and events could be one of the most viable options capable of generating financial resources in rather reasonably handsome, easy and appropriate manner.  As a result, communications and marketing professionals of UAO-UoH would be required to perform strategic and complex roles as champions of the institution's mission, stewards of its reputation, monitors of its competitive environment, and liaisons to its many constituencies.
To project UoH as top class brand amongst in contenders, secure constant and consistent support for UoH, generate and secure needful funding for diverse initiatives on sustained basis following strategic interventions shall be in place for  marketing UoH products, processes, programs, services, facilities and events.

Strategic Interventions
Design, develop, advertise and market UoH Products

  • Design and develop attractive UoH products (key chains, car stickers, general stickers, mugs, t-shirts, p-caps, souvenirs, filer cover, assignment folders, general folders, notebooks, ballpoints, diaries, calendars,  birthday cards, valentine day cards, trophies for various competitions, shields and gift packs etc) to generate funding
  • Place UoH products at prominent location and places inside the university and outside to attract customers
  • Launch a comprehensive marketing campaign to attract students, faculty members, administrative staff and support staff to buy these products
  • Organize stall at important events (admissions, convocation and functions) for UoH products to increase its selling
  • Make few UoH products as complimentary package for those who seeks admission in UoH and its cost shall be incorporated in UoH prospectus cost
  • Sponsor various UoH products and publication (such as prospectus, newsletter, Magazines etc) from diverse organization by giving them proper projection, space and recognition in those products and publications

Organize, arrange and conduct Fundraising Events

  • Organize sports weeks whose fixed entry fees shall be directed to University Advance Fund
  • Organize musical nights, properly advertise it, sell tickets and generate funding for University Advancement Fund
  • Arrange different exhibitions, fares etc, properly advertise it, sell stalls and tickets to generate funding
  • Organize and conduct bi-annual dinners for donors, industrialists, corporate sector organizations, alumni associations, development sectors NGOs and philanthropists to generate funding
  • Sponsor different UoH events such as convocation, seminars, conferences, workshops etc from diverse donors (government, private, semi government, industrialists etc)

Market UoH services and facilities Services

  • Explore current and potential consultancy services areas and expertise of UoH to be used for fund raising
  • Establish UoH Consultancy Services Section
  • Establish linkages with government, donor organizations, corporate sector organizations, development sector organizations etc) for consulting services (research studies, feasibility studies, project plans, trainings and capacity building etc)
  • Conduct consultancies to generate requisite funding and financial resources


  • Establish and equip different facilities (conference hall, gymnasium, grounds, diagnostic labs etc)
  • Develop ToRs for use of different facilities and properly market it
  • Offer facilities for use and earn revenue for UoH academic, research and infrastructure development