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UOH Admissions Spring 2024

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 UoH LAT Test Result Announced for Spring 2024 (Note: All LLB candidates are directed to put their LAT Test Result Marks on thier UoH Admission Portal till 04 March, 2024. 1st Merit List for LLB program will be displayed on 5th March, 2024)

 Admissions Open for BS/BS 5th Semester/Diploma Programs (Admissions Spring 2024)


University Advancement Cell (UAC)

Strategic Priority area Two: Networking and Linkages Establishment

No institution can grow, flourish and upscale in isolation, rather there is bound to be an ever increasing interaction, coordination, networking and linkages amongst alumni, friends, corporations, institutions, foundations and community at large. Achievement of strategic objectives and priorities depends largely on sustained supply of financial, material and technical resources which could only be secured in case of strong bonding with diverse stakeholders and partner organizations. To achieve unprecedented success in quality education, excellence in research and sustain growth in diverse spheres, establishing and maintaining linkages and networking with stakeholders is of paramount importance..
To promote further accomplishment in quality education, pioneering research and innovative discoveries, the UoH needs to cultivate strategic relationships with donor organizations, development sector GOs and NGOs, research based institutions, Alumni association, individuals and philanthropists for continued support in terms of money, talent, services and technical support.
To involve stakeholders in private support for higher education by building trustworthy relationships the UAO-UoH will undertake following strategic interventions to significantly contribute to UoH vision, mission and strategic priorities.

Strategic Interventions for Networking and Linkages Establishment
Donor Organizations

  • Identify and enlist national and international donor organizations working in the field of education
  • Conduct meeting and brief them on UoH current and future programs, projects, interventions and needs in the field of academics, research and infrastructure development
  • Identify areas of mutual benefits, interest  and cooperation, sign MoU and secure needful resources in terms of money, material resources (computer, books, vehicles, scientific equipments etc), services (sharing lab facilities, internships to students etc)  and human resources (technical guidance, facilitation, supervision) etc.
  • Develop and submit projects for funding infrastructure development in UoH

Industries and Corporate Sector Organizations

  • Identify and enlist industries and corporate sector organization in both Hattar and Gadoon Industrial Estate
  • Arrange meeting, conduct briefings and explore avenues of mutual cooperation and coordination
  • Engage industries in Corporate Social Responsibility and secure necessary financial resources for funding current and future projects
  • Motivate industrialist and corporate sector organizations for sponsoring different events and functions in the University such as Convocation, sports events, seminars, conferences and UoH publications and advocacy campaigns
  • Launch joint and contractual research projects with industrialist and corporate sector organizations
  • Motivate industries and corporate sector organizations to offer internship opportunities to UoH students and allow them to use their facilities (labs etc) for research

  Development Sector Organizations (GOs and NGOs)

  • Identify and enlist development sector GOs and NGOs at the local, national and international level
  • Arrange meeting, conduct briefings and explore avenues of mutual cooperation and coordination
  • Secure necessary financial, material, services and human resource support for UoH academic, research and infrastructure development
  • Launch joint projects to contribute to each other objectives and strategic priorities

UoH Alumni Association

  • Establish a vibrant and dynamic UoH Alumni Association
  • Brief them on current and future UoH projects and motivate them to search support for UoH
  • Involve Alumni in fund raising campaigns to generate financial resources for UoH programs, projects and interventions

Individuals and Philanthropists 

  • Identify and search for individuals and philanthropists
  • Conduct meeting, brief them on various UoH projects and convince them for playing their due role
  • Secure financial resources in terms of scholarships, gifts or sponsoring events/initiatives