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Directorate of Social Work (University of Haripur)

Social Work Program - Regulations

Whereas it is expedient to consolidate the instructions relating to Social work and to streamline the system an integral part of the academic programs of the University of Haripur, the following regulations are prescribed:

  1. These regulations may be called “the University of Haripur Social work regulations”
  2. These regulations shall be applicable to all regular students on the rolls of Constituent, Affiliated Colleges/Teaching Department/ Institutions of the University of Haripur preparing students for the 1st degree examinations.
  3. No regular students shall be admitted to the 1st degree examination or awarded the first degree of the university unless he has performed the Social Work under an approved Project by Officer In-Charge Social Work as under:
  4. B.A/B.Sc. B.Th. & B.Com for a duration of 3 weeks (18 working Days) provided that if a work project is of such kind that it needs to be spread over a longer period, that may be extended by the head of Institution with the approval of the Officer In-charge of Social Work in the University in advance. In such a case the period of work is to be calculated on an hour basis, namely 90 working hours in all.
  5. B.S (4 Years)

For duration of 5 weeks in two spells over two years provided that if  the work project is of such a nature that it needs to be spread  over a longer period, the duration may be extended by the Head of the Institution with the approval of the Officer In-charge of Social Work in the University in advance. In such a case the period of work is to be calculated on an hourly basis, namely 90 working hours in all.

  1. These regulations will also be applicable to such other classes or categories of students as may be brought within the purview of  these regulation by a notification approved by the Vice Chancellor and issued before the beginning of an academic session suitably prescribing the duration or the minimum hours such work.
  2. Social Work Projects will be proposed by the University Officer In-charge of Social Work either on his own initiative or on the recommendation of the Heads of Institutions/ Departments/Colleges concerned and will be notified by the end of the January in each session with the approval of the Vice Chancellor. Provided that changes in the notified projects may be made by the University Officer In-charge of Social Work, if the occasion so demands.
  3. Social Work Project will aim at promoting the dignity of labor, alleviating suffering, help for the needy, the spread of Scientific ideas and techniques, promotion of health and hygiene, rural works projects , social education of participation in the construction of roads, laying of parks and play grounds, plantations and a forestation anti pest  operation or relief work during pestilence, epidemic, fire or other natural calamities, civil defense, relief work in under privileged areas and segments of population or such other activities as may be approved by the Vice Chancellor.
  4. Social Work Projects will duly respects the religion and cultural sensibilities of the community proposed to be served.
  5. The Social Work project will be in the charge of a coordinator in each Institution/ Department/College who will be helped by the requisite number of group leaders.
  6. The head of the Institution/ Department/ College will appoint coordinator and group leaders in February of each season and duly announce their lists to the Officer In-charge of Social Work in the University by 15th February each year. 
  7. The coordinator and group leader will maintain a regular record of hours of work of each student and reports shortage to the head of the Institution/Department/College and endorse a copy of the list of shortages to the Officer In-charge of Social Work before the submission of student’s examination admission forms to the Controller of Examinations.
  8. The Social work fund shall be recovered from all the students admitted in BA/B.Sc./B.Com. (Part-II) and BS (4 years) @ Rs.300/- for the whole session in one installment i.e. at the time of admission.
  9. The amount collected shall be deposited in the account of Registrar Office (Academic Section ) University of Haripur within two months of the closure of the normal admissions by the college/institution/department indicating the number of students also. Receipt of the amount deposited and list of students, must be sent to the Registrar Office (Academics Section), University of Haripur for further confirmation from bank.
  10. The proposed rate of remuneration payable to the group leaders / Teachers and for the purchase of materials for social work projects and refreshments etc are adjusted as follow:

Out if this amount Rs.100/- per student shall be returned by the University to the HoD/In-charge/Principal, Department/Institution/College concerned for the smooth running of this programme with the following instructions.

  • Rs. 50/- per student shall be kept for the purchase of material and refreshments etc. for this programme.
  • Rs. 50/- per students shall be kept for the group leaders, which will be paid to them by the college on the completion of social work projects.
  • A group will consist of maximum of 20 to 30 students and one group leader cannot have more than one group.
  • The amount & schedule of the social work projects of the Department/Institution/ college should be sent to the Officer In-charge in University and Academics Section in stipulated time i.e. 15th January of each year. So that the visits/inspections of the Department/Institution/ college may be arranged, when and where needed.
  • After declaration of result of BA/B.Sc./B.Com (Part-II) and BS(4 Years) the HOD/Principal concerned shall send the list of students to the Officer In-charge in University and Academics Section of Registrar Office. So that the social work certificates will be prepared and sent to the college/institution/department concerned.
  • Exemption up to 10 hours of work may be sanctioned by the heads of Institution/Department/College on grounds to be recorded. If a students on account of illness or some physical disability, is unable to perform the task prescribed for his Institute, the head of the Institute May at his own discretion, allot him some suitable task of sedentary nature under intimation to the University Officer In-charge of Social Work.
  • The record of Social Work shall be open to inspection by any Officer of the university so authorized by the Vice Chancellor.
  • No examination admission form shall be entertained by the controller of Examinations of the University of Haripur unless he received the clearance certificate from the Registrar Office(Academic Section) on the provision of a certificate ,signed and sealed by the head of the Institutions/Department/College that  candidate has duly fulfilled the prescribed condition of prescribed under Clause-4 above. The Vice Chancellor on the recommendations of the head of the Institution allows a candidate for cogent reason to appear in an examination provisionally but the result of such a candidate will be withheld until the prescribed social work is completed and certified by the head of the Institution/Department/College.
  • In case a student does not complete the prescribed hours of social work for the annual examination he may be allowed to reappear in the supplementary examination but only after completion the prescribed hours of work.
  • Students migrating from sister Universities may be permitted to appear in the ensuing examination provisionally but their result will be declared on production of a certificate from the head of   Institution/Department/College of having completed the prescribed social work, according to the approved Project.
  • It shall be the special responsibility of the Principal/ Chairman of the colleges department and heads of the institutes to enforce these regulations effectively.
  • The Vice Chancellor may appoint or remove the Officer In-charge of social work in the university.
  • The inspection committee for the affiliation of colleges or the inspection of colleges shall separately report on the adequacy of arrangements for social work in the college while submitting their reports.
  • The Officer In-charge social work will submit a consolidate report to the Academic Council each March and will be authorized to call for information data necessary for the compilation of his report from all  constituent  professional and affiliated institutions/ teaching departments.
  • Other operational details or executive arrangements necessary to realize  the objectives of these regulations may be laid down time to time by the Vice Chancellor in the form of rules or standing instructions with powers to amend or alter them or finally interpret these regulations or aforesaid rules  and standing instructions. The verdict of the Vice Chancellor in all such cases shall be final.
  • Social Work should normally be performed during summer vacant: however, the work may be performed at other seasons of the year advisable, subject to the consent of the University Officer In-charge of Social Work.
  • If owing to late dates of university examinations the students of any institution are unable to perform their social work during summer vacation of the appropriate year, and if no alternative time appears to be suitable, the Vice Chancellor may in these cases, at his own discretion, grant exemption from part of the social work or from the whole of it.
  • These regulations apply to the compulsory social work programme only and have no bearing of any kind upon voluntary activities undertaken under the auspices of the University social work Directorate.