Directorate of Social Work (University of Haripur)

Objective & Core Values


The objectives of Directorate of Social Work are kept as the following:

  1. To Promote dignity of labor
  2. To alleviate suffering
  3. To help the Needy
  4. To Spread Scientific Ideas & Techniques
  5. To Promote Health & Hygiene
  6. To develop Rural areas
  7. To inculcate social Education in community
  8. To help in community Work
    1. Construction of Roads,
    2. Lying of Parks,
    3. Plantation,
    4. Forestry,
    5. Anti pest operation,
    6. Relief work  in under privileged areas
      1. pestilence
      2. Epidemic
      3. Fire Breakout
      4. Natural Calamities
      5. Civil Defense
  9.  Other such activities as approved by Vice Chancellor     

Core Values:

  • To Transform Knowledge into practice
  • Micro Development for Macro Development
  • Instilling Dignity of Labor in Students
  • Students as Smart Citizen
  • Students as Agents of Social Change
  • To be part of Solution rather than Part of Problem
  • Charity Begins at Home
  • To Take Self-Help Initiatives

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