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Admissions Fall 2018 (The University of Haripur)

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 Entry Test Results Announced
Supplementary Advertisement for M.S Mathematics and M.S / MBA (1.5) in Management Science Admissions (Fall-2018)

Note: All test qualified candidates are advised to report their respective departments along with all original documents for finalization of their admission process.
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Financial Aid and Scholarships (The University of Haripur)

Future Plans

The initial phase of the Financial Aid Program occupied most of the time in consolidating, organizing, and maintaining the record in establishing the Financial Aid Office. The objective was to organize the activities / scholarships and to provide to the students, parents, and faculty the point of contact for their knowledge, information and concerns. The Financial Aid Office succeeded in its objectives as evident from the gradual increase in scholarships / financial Aid and is presently central to the University motto “Restoring Hope; Building Community”.

However, with the increase of students in the coming sessions, the need for financial assistance programs will grow accordingly and the Financial Aid Office has to align itself with these changes. In this respect, following objectives are set to be achieved in 2015-16.
Pursuing the Existing Contracts
To coordinate and communicate with the existence Scholarship contracts for increase in the future assistance i.e. number of scholarship slots and amount.
Future Agreements with Hashoo Foundation
To work on the agreement already in process with the Hashoo Foundation to enlist University of Haripur for the award of needs based scholarships for the fall 2015 session. Further the discussion is already going on for offering internships to the students of University of Haripur at Hashoo Foundation. Hashoo Foundation has a well-organized program for offering internships in the field of office work, agriculture and education related work.
Inclusion of UoH Students in Youth Parliament and Organization its session at UoH
To Pursue Higher Education Department for the participation and formal selection of students of University of Haripur in the Youth Parliament and to organize its session at University of Haripur.
Future Agreement with The United States Educational Foundation In Pakistan For Student Exchange Programs
To coordinate with the USEFP for introducing and guiding the students of University of Haripur for Fulbright scholarships and student exchange programs.
Tapping Voluntary and Government Organizations
To reach different voluntary and government organizations for donations towards endowment fund of the University of Haripur.
Increasing the Student Scholarship Base
The aim is to increase the financial aid such that almost by the end of June 2016, 40 percent of students of University of Haripur enjoy studying under the financial aid / scholarships of different kinds.

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