Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Facts and Figures

Presently, the University of Haripur with its fully functional Office of Student Financial Aid is effectively managing the following financial assistance programs.


  • Institutional Scholarship
    1. University of Haripur Scholarship Merit Based Scholarships
    2. Tuition Fee Waiver Program
    3. Tuition Fee Waiver for Orphans
    4. Tuition Fee Waiver for Real Brother / Sisters (sibling rebate)
    5. Tuition Fee Waiver for Physically Challenged Students
  • Indigenous / Local Need Based Scholarships
    1. HEC Needs Based Scholarships
    2. MORA (Ministry of Religious Affairs) Scholarships
    3. Diya Pakistan
    4. Frontier Education Foundation Scholarships / Stipend program
    5. Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Program
    6. Educational Stipend Program for the Unemployed Youth
    7. Scholarships for FATA Students by Directorate of Agriculture Extension FATA
    8. Tanzeem Lisail-e-Walmahroom (Stipend by Chief Minister Secretariat KP)
    9. Political Scholarships for FATA Students by Political Agent Office.
  • Foreign Funded Scholarships
    1. German Government Need Based Scholarships
    2. French Government Need Based Scholarships
    3. British Scottish Scholarships for Young Women
    4. USAID Scholarships for department of Education
  • Student Loan Schemes
    1. Ihsan Trust
    2. National Bank Loan Scheme

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