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Blood Donation Society


The aim of the Blood Donation Society The University of Haripur is to promote and facilitate regular blood donation activities among the university community and raise awareness about the importance of voluntary blood donation. The society strives to contribute to the well-being of society by ensuring a consistent supply of safe blood for patients in need.




The objectives of the Society are as follows:
a) Encourage voluntary blood donation: Motivate students, faculty, and staff of the university to participate in regular blood donation drives, fostering a culture of voluntary blood donation.
b) Increase awareness: Conduct awareness campaigns and educational sessions to highlight the significance of blood donation, dispel misconceptions, and address any fears or concerns related to the process.
c) Organize blood donation drives: Collaborate with reputable blood banks and hospitals to organize on-campus blood donation drives, making it convenient for members of the university community to donate blood.
d) Maintain a donor database: Establish a comprehensive database of willing blood donors within the university, enabling quick access to potential donors during emergencies.
e) Foster partnerships: Collaborate with local blood banks, hospitals, and non-profit organizations to strengthen the impact of blood donation efforts and promote community engagement.
f) Support patients in need: Coordinate with hospitals and medical facilities to ensure that donated blood reaches the intended recipients promptly, making a positive difference in their lives.


The scope encompasses the following areas:
a) University Community: The society primarily targets students, faculty, and staff of The University of Haripur, encouraging their active participation in blood donation drives and related activities.
b) Awareness Campaigns: The society's awareness campaigns are designed to reach a wide audience within the university, including students, faculty, staff, and their families.
c) On-campus Blood Drives: Blood donation drives are conducted within the university premises, making it convenient for members of the university community to participate.
d) External Collaborations: The society collaborates with local blood banks, hospitals, and non-profit organizations to extend its impact beyond the university, promoting blood donation initiatives in the wider community.
e) Emergency Response: The society aims to contribute to emergency preparedness by maintaining a database of voluntary blood donors within the university who can be contacted swiftly during urgent situations.

By pursuing these objectives within its defined scope, the Blood Donation Society of The University of Haripur endeavors to create a positive impact on the lives of patients in need of blood transfusions, while also fostering a sense of social responsibility and altruism among its members and the wider community.