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Mission & Core Values

Mission The mission of the University of Haripur is to achieve and maintain high standards in every sphere of its teaching and promote an open, collaborative and novel culture of scientific inquiry to improve the lives and livelihoods of the people through sustainable development. Goal The University of Haripur aims to create an enabling environment for conducive learning to find solutions of current day's problems and prevention of new one's through sustained supply of trained human resources to the national and international arena. Objectives In view of post 9/11 scenario of Pakistan in general and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular the determined vision as regards the establishment of University of Haripur is strengthened by the implicit acknowledgment that education is the principal solution not only to widespread poverty but to a peaceful future as well; to a moral and just government; to human resource development; to capacity building and the development of the vital knowledge for an improved economy of the country. Keeping this in mind the following key objectives are being framed for which the university shall be striving.

1: To provide quality education to deserving students that inculcates positive changes in their attitudes towards national developmen.

2: To establish a community of outstanding scholars, teachers and administrative staff to promote and maintain academic distinctio.

3: To promote scientific research to acquire excellence in various fields of study.

4: To establish network and coordination with leading national, regional and international institutes to share experiences for academic and research excellence.

5:To contribute national development through incorporation of academic research findings in national policies and strategies Core Values.

The University of Haripur (UoH) has been established as providing opportunities for strengthening and extending the important relationship between modern sciences and Islamic, social action and thus providing a platform for a more just and prosperous world. Accordingly, UoH is envisioned potentially to provide a tangible symbol of resurrectional hope for the Muslim Ummah. By determining that it shall be a university for the whole of Pakistan and be accessible to all who are qualified, irrespective of their religious stance, it will also stand for peace and unity. With this recognition in mind, the University of Haripur will follow the following core values in its day-to-day routine official business and management. Openness The University will observe openness as core value in its official business. Openness to foreign values, religious beliefs, ethnic profiles, changes in government policies, plans and programs. Each and every aspect of the official business shall have a built-in resilience mechanism to accommodate itself in the changing circumstances. Transparency

The University shall observe and ensure transparency in every sphere of its academic/administrative set-up. Each and every aspect of the official business shall have a clear, fair and transparent procedure/system to achieve and sustain excellence in diverse fields. Equality By determining that University of Haripur shall be for the whole of Pakistan, everyone belonging to diverse corners of the country, having varied social, cultural, economical and religious backgrounds, gender etc fulfilling the required criteria and standards shall have equal opportunities to avail educational, research and work facilities. Discipline The University will observe, maintain and sustain discipline in every field to acquire high standards in its administration, academic and research area. This will ensure sustainability in every effort, approach and action in order to accomplish the mission of the University.