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Clubs & Socities

Importance of the Student Society The assets to a nation, in right terms, are the young generation going to schools, colleges and universities. The students have a significant impact in shaping the destiny of the institutions where they study individually as well as in the form of societies. To promote the cause of education, various kinds of curricular and co-curricular activities are arranged by the university. The students of this university are quite dedicated and highly motivated in the formation and running of different types of societies.

These students societies are fully supported by the university as long as they serve the cause of their overall development. The university is determined to leave no stone unturned in strengthening these societies and invigorates the students to play their positive role at all levels. The focus is to provide the students a strong platform where they may equip themselves for the challenges of twenty first century. Rules and Regulations Under the supervision Chief Organizer for each society, a council of four students is formed. These member students are selected through a transparently systematic process of selection. Those students who take interest in becoming the member of the council have to go through some rules given in the following lines. Student Member The council membership can be retained by the student member for the period of one year. After the expiry of the stipulated time period, once again all the members are subjected to the process of selection. The students can maintain their council membership for not more than two years. A certain student can only be the member of one society council at a time.

The council member should neither have been on academic probation in the past and nor at the time of selection be placed on probationary period. It is mandatory for a council member to strictly follow the discipline and must avoid activities that may lead to disciplinary problems in the university. Policy for the Appointment of Faculty Advisor The members from the faculty can assume the role of Advisor for one or two societies at the same time. In case of leading two societies, he or she has to take one from his or her department and the other from the rest of the campus. It is not necessary for a faculty advisor to take part in the everyday activities of the society. The Process of Selection All the candidates applying for council membership have to go through the criteria as mentioned above. The forms are to be submitted to the office of Vice President prior to the final date for the submission of the application as per the announcement. References of the students are obtained by the office of the vice Presidents. The applicant students must not be on probation and they should not be involved in any kind of immoral or unethical activities as well. Fulfilling the criteria, the students are short-listed. All the short-listed students are interviewed. The final merit list of the prospective council members is displayed. The final selection of the members for the council or faculty advisors is done by the vice president.