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UOH Admissions Spring 2024

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 UoH LAT Test Result Announced for Spring 2024 (Note: All LLB candidates are directed to put their LAT Test Result Marks on thier UoH Admission Portal till 04 March, 2024. 1st Merit List for LLB program will be displayed on 5th March, 2024)

 Admissions Open for BS/BS 5th Semester/Diploma Programs (Admissions Spring 2024)


Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)

Seminars/Conference in 2017

National Biotechnology Conference - Recent Advances in Biotechnology
26-27 April 2017 - Kohat

The past few decades have witnessed tremendous progress in the field of biotechnology. These advancements have enabled biotechnologists to develop crops with desirable traits, produce preventive vaccines for humans and livestock, design more effective drugs to cure diseases, synthesize industrially attractive products, and solve environmental as well as energy problems. Thus, biotechnology has provided a proper platform for addressing all problems related to health, agriculture, environment, industry and energy. This conference will provide a unique opportunity to bring together researchers/leaders in the field of biotechnology from across the country to share their ideas and showcase their research work to a wider audience consisting mostly of young researchers and students.Major problems faced at the national level pertaining to the field of biotechnology will be highlighted and the ways how to solve these problems will be discussed.


4th International Water Conference Islamabad - Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management for Sustainable Development & Businesses.
19-21 December 2017 - Islamabad

Scarcity and misuse of fresh water pose a serious and growing threat to sustainable development and protection of the environment under the umbrella of COP22. The climatic impact on ecosystems is leading to; water scarcity, resources paucity, food security and disaster repercussions. This conference has the objective to mobilize and ensure the engagement of; academia, businesses, R&D organizations, researchers, industry, international development entities, experts as well as the civil society by placing a common platform to put forward best efforts to strengthen the ecosystem.

The Conference participants will chalk out fundamental new approaches to the; assessment, trends, research findings and development and management of freshwater resources and disaster reductions strategies in context.