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Field tour of B.S (Hons) students for studying and identification of the flora of GPC (Boys), Haripur

A field trip of B.S (Hons) B-VIII, Semester-I (Section A) students, Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, the University of Haripur, was planned to study the flora and nesting spots for birds, of Government Postgraduate College (Boys), Haripur on October 23, 2019 Wednesday. The purpose was to cover the practical aspects of Forestry and Wildlife courses. Dr. Ahmad Hussain, Assistant Professor of Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management accompanied the students. The Principal of the GPC (Boys), Haripur not only accorded permission but also made arrangements for briefing of the students by Mohammad Naveed, an experienced Botanist of the prestigious institute.

The students identified and recorded the type of vegetation, taxonomic characteristics based on leaves and floral parts, noted their distribution pattern and nesting spots for birds and other wildlife. The vegetation (trees, shrubs and grasses) present there added to aesthetic beauty of the college and had appealing attraction for visitors, students and researchers alike. All the type of vegetation were widely distributed in and around offices, classrooms, laboratories, academic block and in the compound of college and hostel. Some of the unique feature of the flora was the presence of indigenous species like Ash tree (Fraxinus excelsior) and maple tree (Acer caesium) and exotic species like trees of Bischofia javanica and Magnolia species. At the end, the students expressed gratitude to the college administration and presented vote of thanks for providing an opportunity of field trip and cooperated in understanding the taxonomic features of the flora of Haripur.

Below are some of the glimpses of the students field tour for studying and identification of the flora of GPC (Boys), Haripur.