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Admissions Fall 2020

Admissions Announced for BS/Masters (2 Years)/BS 5th Semester/Diplomas/Certificates/MS/M.Phil/M.Sc (Hons)/Ph.D Degree Programs Fall 2020

  • Information about Entry Test for M.S/M.Sc (Hons)/M.Phil and Ph.D will be published soon on University Website.
  • Due to COVID-19 there is no Entry Test for BS/Diploma/Certificate/BS 5th Semester/M.A, M.Sc 2 Years programs.
  • Students having problem in filling Online Admission Form may come to the University and Help Desk (Provost Office) is available to facilitate them. (Also Open on Saturday & Sunday)

Last Date for Online Application is 10th August, 2020

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Field tour of B.S students for studying and identification of the range flora of RRI, NARC, Islamabad

A field trip of B.S (Hons) Semester-V students of Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, the University of Haripur, was planned on October 24, 2019 to Range Research Institute (RRI), National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) Islamabad to learn various expects of research and development in the range flora and its role in combating climate change. The purpose was to cover the practical aspects of Forestry and Wildlife courses and expose students to forestry fronts. Dr. Mohammad Salim, the Head and Dr. Ahmad Hussain, Assistant Professor of Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management accompanied the students to NARC.

Dr. Imtiaz Qamar, PSO / the Head RRI and his team welcomed the students. The students were briefed on forestry resources of Pakistan and the Head RRI and his team deliberated upon research and development initiatives in the range flora and its role in combating climate change the country wide. After Q/A session, The students were taken to the field area of RRI where they  identified and recorded different types of range vegetation (trees, shrubs and grasses), both indigenous and exotic. They were also briefed on various demonstration plots of the ongoing projects. Various techniques of range vegetation planting and their nutritional improvement were also shown to students. At the end, the students expressed gratitude to the RRI Head and field team including field staff and presented vote of thanks for providing an opportunity of field trip and cooperated in understanding of range flora of Pakistan.

The students were then taken to Crop Sciences Institute (CSI), NARC, established in 1990 with the objectives to exploit the potential of the various crop commodities to ensure the food security in the country. The students were briefed that focus of the institute is development of high yielding crop varieties and improved production technologies to integrate research findings in agriculture for achieving, sustaining food security and improving livelihood. The students thanked the CSI member for briefing in the office.

Below are some of the glimpses of the Semester-V students field tour for studying and identification of the range flora of RRI.