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Report of HEC Workshop on Revamping Undergraduate Curriculum

A Two Day Workshop on Revamping Undergraduate Curriculum dated 29-30 April, 2019 was conducted by the HEC. The main objective of the workshop was to provide flexibility to the entering UG students to choose, have a well-rounded education, and greater depth of knowledge in the chosen subject area or major. The higher aspiration is that by the time of graduation the student is fully educated person and has developed the habits of mind of critical/analytical, evidence based reasoning and life learning.

Further the aim is to make a UG degree a Terminal degree that can stand on its own, such that the degree holders are employable and as well have an adequate knowledge and research abilities for pursuing PG studies.

In this workshop, all KP universities were invited and a comprehensive consultation was made with the help of various brainstorming sessions with the experts. Consultant HEC, Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Gillani moderated the sessions and deliberated the participants over the terminologies and models to be adopted by the HEC.

The Chief Guest of workshop was Vice Chancellor, The University of Peshawar who appreciated the efforts of HEC for revamping the UG curriculum and highly admired the efforts of Dr. Gillani and all KP Universities for adopting with positive approach.