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Wall Painting Competition in Compliance with District Commissioner Haripur

District Commissioner Haripur organized campaign of “Rung De Haripur”.  The Creative Bechalors Society, a student union that works under the banner of University of Haripur, participated in it.  Different Schools and Colleges of Haripur also participated in the campaign. 


  1. It was a part of Extra curricular activity in which Creative Bechalors Society participated with full enthusiasm. In fact, the activity provided students the opportunity to show their skill of art & team work.
  2. This was first time that University, College & Schools students participated in an activity, organized by the Distt Govt.
  3. Press Media gave full publicity of the event through which the University of Haripur was also applauded by the general public.


  1. Several meetings and discussions were held between governing body and members of Creative Bachelors Society Pattern Sir Ateeq Khattak with Assistant Commissioner Haripur.
  2. Female students were assigned the inner side, whereas the male students were deputed on outer side of the Commissioner Office and different walls of the Haripur.
  3. While selecting the wall painting topics & slogans, the necessity of Environmental and History topics was kept in view.
  4. The University Management provided transport facility to the students for their pick & drop to and fro the District Commissioner Office.

The Event Day:

  1. Student Teams were given the different walls for painting.  Colours and Brushes were provided to each team.
  2. Student teams presented their skill through painting and gave creative ideas.
  3. AC-I Mr. Adnan Jamil and AC-II Dr. Adil Ayub visited the paintings and fully appreciated the art work of students. 
  4. During their visit to different wall paintings, they discussed the ideas with the students.
  5. They also discussed the achievement of this creative activity with Pattern-in-Chief and Senior Governing Body.
  6. DPO-Haripur Mr. Shahzad Nadeem also visited the wall paintings.  While appreciating the work, he told the students that they will again arrange such events and security will also be provided to the students.
  7. Miss Sara Rehman, Asstt Commissioner-Haripur also visited the paint work.  While appreciating the work, she stated that this campaign will continue.  She also thanked the Society for doing good job in team work.
  8. After completion of the event, the Society students cleaned all the places and painting tools were also removed from the sites.
  9. Asstt Commissioner-Haripur arranged refreshment for the students.

Closing Ceremony.

  1. Closing Ceremony of the event was arranged in DC Office in which winning positions were announced by the Asstt Commissioner.
  2. Third position was won by the Creative Bachelors Society.
  3. Vice Chancellor University of Haripur Dr. Abid Farid was also invited in the ceremony.
  4.  Asstt Commissioner awarded Shield to the Team of Creative Bechalor Society.
  5. AC-I & AC-II delivered closing speeches in which they thanked the Vice Chancellor University of Haripur for allowing students to participate in the event.

Objectives achieved:

  1. The efforts and participation of Creative Bachelors Society of University of Haripur not only benefited the Society, but also gave a good name to the University of Haripur.
  2. The students were given opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activity in which they proved their talent and skill.
  3. Provided a platform to talented students to show their talent in such a huge event.
  4. The event gave opportunity to students to interact with the District Management authorities.
  5. Through this campaign the name of University of Haripur came on the walls of Haripur, which was appreciated at public level.
  6. The Society members (students) proved the slogan “We turn ideas into creativity”.