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Chinese Delegation Visit at the University of Haripur to Promote Bio-Health Agriculture Advancements through University Alliance and Pakistan-China Partnership

Press Release (27-10-2023)
Visit of Chinese delegation at the University of Haripur to promote bio-health agriculture advancement through University Alliance and Pakistan-China Partnership.

At the University of Haripur, a conference was organized, where a delegation from China participated. The members of this delegation included Limin Zhao, Vice Chairman of Yangling Bio-Health Agricultural Industry Alliance, Su Chi Shi, Deputy Secretary-General of Yangling Bio-Health Agricultural Industry Alliance, and Abdul Ghaffar, Deputy Secretary-General of Yangling Biohealth Agricultural Industry Alliance.  From the University of Haripur, they were joined by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman, Registrar Mr. Riaz Muhammad, as well as honorable Deans, Chairpersons, and Heads of Departments.



The purpose of the delegation's visit was to discuss potential cooperation in the field of bio-health agriculture and to create opportunities to strengthen and promote the development of the bio- health agriculture industry alliance.



The partnership between the University Alliance and China-Pakistan is poised to play a crucial role in advancing the field of bio-health agriculture. Bio-health agriculture is an interdisciplinary field that combines biology, healthcare, and agriculture to develop innovative solutions for sustainable and healthy food production. The partnership aims to pool expertise, resources, and research to address various challenges in agriculture and contribute to food security, health, and environmental sustainability.



This partnership will facilitate the exchange of students and scholars, exposing them to diverse perspectives, research techniques, and technologies. This will result in a more knowledgeable workforce capable of meeting the evolving needs of the agricultural sector



"Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman expressed gratitude to the delegation for their visit and stated that the University Alliance and China-Pakistan cooperation would collaborate to develop and disseminate modern agricultural technologies. These technologies might encompass AI-powered farming systems, biotechnology applications, and environmentally friendly farming practices. Both partners are committed to sustainable agriculture, aiming to promote practices that reduce the environmental impact of agriculture, including organic farming, efficient water irrigation, and reduced pesticide usage.



Enhancing food security in the region is a top priority. The partnership will work on improving crop production, quality, and overall productivity to ensure a continuous food supply for the growing population. Bio-health agriculture will also address food-related health concerns. The collaboration will focus on developing crops with improved nutritional content, reducing the need for chemical additives, and ensuring safer food products for consumers.



Liman Zhao, Vice Chairman of the Yangling Bio-Health Agricultural Industry Alliance, also emphasized the significance of Pakistan-China cooperation for the development of the Bio-Health Agriculture Industry Alliance. He stated that the University Alliance and China-Pakistan partnership's promotion of bio-health agriculture advancement is an important step. This cooperation will contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture, food security, and better health outcomes for the populations of both countries. It also has the potential to set a precedent for international cooperation in addressing global agricultural challenges.

The University of Haripur, while maintaining its culture, presented shields and gifts to the Chinese delegation.



At the end of the conference, the delegation, along with Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman and other distinguished faculty members, also visited the research area of the University of Haripur and personally installed various types of seeds brought from China. It was a meaningful gesture."
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