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Department of Information Technology, UoH in Collaboration with Cyber Wing hosted Cyber Security Workshop

The University of Haripur, in collaboration with its Department of Information Technology and Cyber Wing, recently hosted a highly successful workshop on cybersecurity titled "Hack-Proof Your World." This initiative aimed to enhance participants' understanding of cybersecurity essentials in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Distinguished trainers for the workshop included Choudhary Anwar Ul Hassan and Dr. Muhammad Adnan Aslam. Both experts brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the event, ensuring an insightful and engaging learning experience for all attendees.

The workshop explored crucial aspects of cybersecurity, covering topics such as threat mitigation, best practices for securing digital assets, and the latest trends in cyber defense strategies. Participants had the opportunity to gain practical insights and hands-on experience under the guidance of the accomplished trainers.

Choudhary Anwar Ul Hassan, known for his expertise in cybersecurity, shared valuable real-world scenarios and practical tips for creating a hack-proof digital environment. Dr. Muhammad Adnan Aslam, with his academic and research background, provided a comprehensive examination of the theoretical foundations and emerging challenges in the field.

The collaborative effort between the University of Haripur's Department of Information Technology and the Cyber Wing showcased the institution's commitment to fostering cybersecurity awareness and proficiency among its students and the wider community.

The success of the workshop underscores the importance of such initiatives in equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to combat cyber threats effectively. The University of Haripur remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity education and is poised to continue organizing impactful events in the future.