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The University of Haripur hosted a Certificate Distribution Ceremony for Tax Practitioners

At the University of Haripur, the Business Incubation Center (BIC), operating under the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC), collaborated with KHM Group of Companies and the Institute of Tax Training organized the certificate distribution ceremony to mark the successful completion of the Certificate Tax Practitioner Program. This program provided three months of training to practitioners, and after rigorous assessment, certificates were awarded to the tax practitioners. Thirty-two members from the District Bar Haripur successfully completed the tax practitioner program.

This ceremony hosted distinguished guests, including Mr. Asif Khan ,President, District Bar Haripur, Syed Zia Abbas ,General Secretary, District Bar Association Haripur, Farhan Jafar ,Director Trainings, Javed Khan Tanoli ,President, High Court Bar Association Abbottabad, Asad Saeed Khan ,President, District Bar Association Haripur, advocates, and representatives from the University of Haripur, including Director ORIC Dr. Jahangir, Chairman of Maths and States department , Dr. Muhammad Shahzad, faculty, and administrative staff.

Director ORIC, Dr. Jahangir, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in fostering innovation and supporting startups. He expressed joy at the University's role in community growth.

Syed Zia Abbas, General Secretary of the District Bar Association Haripur, thanks the University of Haripur for providing a platform for initiatives, while Asad Saeed Khan, President of the District Bar Association Haripur, commended the university's efforts.

Javed Khan Tanoli, President High Court Bar Association Abbottabad, promised to continue support, also thanking the Directorate of Administration for their assistance.

The ceremony concluded with the distribution of certificates, marking a significant achievement. Dr. Jahangir's impactful contributions were acknowledged as he played a key role in steering the success of the program, aligning with the university's commitment to excellence in education and community engagement.