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Mr. Qasim Ur Rehman, Assistant Professor, Department fo Earth Sciences successfully defended his PhD dissertation in a public defense

A PhD scholar Mr. Qasim Ur Rehman on Wednesday successfully defended his PhD dissertation in a public defense. A press release said that a scholar from NCE in Geology, Faculty of Life and Environmental Science, University of Peshawar, Dr. Qasim ur Rehman did his PhD in Geophysics with a specialization in Geo-Hazards.

The scholar has presented the seismic design that will ensure the durability of building structures along the CPEC route. The study included the assessment of the potential hazardous landslide in the Mayoon area, Gilgit Baltistan. The study concluded that the site has potential to create an artificial dam like the Attabad landslide. The suggested mitigation measures can save the local community, infrastructure and the KKH.