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Posts for Ph.D Studentship in Psychology in HEC-Funded Project

Applications are invited for the appointment of PhD Students as research assistants in HEC-Funded NRPU Project Number 12772 titled “Neglect of Moral Development in Higher Education is Menace to Society: Bringing Reforms is the Need of Time.”
Number of Posts: 2

  1. Minimum 18 years of education and completed degrees of MS/MPhil or completed PhD coursework from recognized universities/HEIs.
  2. Minimum GPA 3.0 out of 4 or 1st Division in annual system.
  3. Valid GRE-General/GAT/UOH entry test scores =>50%
  4. Statement of Purpose

Terms and Conditions

  1. The applicant will require to enroll in the PhD program in the Department of Psychology, UOH.
  2. Appointment is up to the completion of the project or at least for 15 months. Meanwhile, the selected candidates will not accept any other regular position anywhere.
  3. Appointment of the applicant will be governed by the terms and conditions of the funding agency, particularly applicable to the said project and the appointed person shall have NO claim of appointment/absorption in the University.
  4. The required qualification as prescribed should have been obtained from recognized universities/institutions.
  5. The successful candidate will have to submit an affidavit for serving in the project for at least one year.
  6. The University of Haripur reserves the right to accept or reject any/all applications without assigning any reason.

Important Note

  1. Preference will be given to candidates with completed coursework for PhD. Already enrolled and upcoming students in PhD Psychology are equally eligible to apply with the provision of transfer of credits to UOH. UOH will accept migration of students from other universities and will facilitate in the transfer of course credits.
  2. Candidates who are full-time employees must provide NOC at the time of admission, in addition to study leave within two months after admission.
  3. Monthly honorarium of each Research Assistant will be @Rs. 80,000 per month, full time equivalent (FTE), times the time committed to the project. Subject to approval of their supervisors, and based on their course load, PhD students at the thesis stage will be allowed to allocate between up to 80% (RS.64000) of their time to research projects; those who have to take courses may allocate up to 20% (RS.16000).
  4. The interested candidates can submit their testimonials and a photocopy of relevant documents in-person or via mail/email to the office of the undersigned before interview. Only shortlisted candidates will be informed about interview date and time.  

Principal Investigator
Dr. Najia Zulfiqar
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Room #111, Al-Farabi Block, The University of Haripur, Pakistan
Cellphone: 0337-0678-678