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Alfalah Scholarship for students of The University of Haripur

Eligibility Criteria
Poor and needy Undergraduate student enrolled in HEC recognized universities.
Hard Form can be downloaded from the Link

Documents required 

  1. Application Form for SS 2021-22
  2. Bonafide Certificate (Specimen to be verified by concerned HOD)
  3. Iqrar Nama (1) for Inter, BA/BSc, B.Com OR Iqrar Nama (2) for Medical, Engineering, BS(H), Master, LLB, DAE. (Iqrar Nama may be photocopied on Rs. 100 stamp paper)
  4. Continuation Form (Already Approved Applicants) It is not compulsory for new students

Before Submission

  1. After filling and completing above documents, please sign and stamp page number 3 of Application Form from relevant HOD.
  2. Sing Bonafide Certificate by concerned HOD.
  3. Recheck the hard form, from Student Financial Aid office University of Haripur Room 111.
  4. Student may also contact the concerned person of Alfalah Regional office (cell no and ptcl number given on page number 04 of Application Form)
  5. Documents will be sent by the student himself / herself via TCS / LCS / Pakistan post on the address given on page number 04 of Application Form.

Last date is 30-11-2021.