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Schedule for Submission of Registration of Regular Students of BBA/BS/Associate Degree & All Undergraduate Degree for Year 2021-22

The following schedule for submission of registration return for BS/BBA/Associate Degree & all undergraduate degree programs of all affiliated colleges with The University of Haripur for the year 2021-22 is appended for compliance please.

Deadline Normal Fee Rs. 2060/- per Candidate

With Late Fee
Rs. 360/- per candidate+ Actual Fee

With Late Fee
Rs.730/- per candidate+ Actual Fee

With Late Fee Rs. 1210/- per candidate+ Actual Fee

Up to

Up to

Up to

Up to

You are requested to forward the names of students admitted in BBA/BS/Associate Degree and all undergraduate programs to the Controller of Examinations, The University of Haripur in Registration Return forms. Registration Return forms are available in the Examinations Section University of Haripur and also on

While preparing the Registration Return Forms, the following instructions must be followed:
a). The Registration Return in duplicate along with prescribed registration fee must be sent to the Controller of Examinations according to above schedule.
b). Original University Bank receipt/DD be sent along with Registration Return Form. Fee deposited through Money Order/Cross Cheque will not be accepted.
c). Those students who have passed their intermediate or equivalent examination in the 3rd division are ineligible for admission /registration to the BS (4-year)/AD programs, As per University rules. 
d). Instruction already printed on the form must be followed at the time of preparation of Registration Return.
e). Migration certificate(s) of all student(s), from Board must be sent in original to this office along with Registration Return.
f). Names of the Foreign student(s) may not be included in the Registration Return unless their admission(s) have been approved by the University Authorities.
g). Name, Parentage and rest of particulars of students MUST BE TYPED/ PRINTED.
h). Registration Return of the students should not be sent incomplete/in piece – meal manner.
i). It should be made sure that the registration fee and the required documents of the newly admitted students be sent to the office well in time to avoid hardship to the students at later stage.
J). Fee can be deposited in The Bank of Khyber (UOH, Main Branch Shahra e Hazara or online from any nearest branch) having  Account Title “ University Fund University of Haripur” Account Number 2001644637 Branch Code (0019) OR in National Bank of Pakistan (Main, University, Khalabat Town Ship, Ghazi and Khanpur Branches), or in our Online Account Number  NPB  title  Controller of Examinations IBAN PK30NBPA2239003139088108.

i. This office will not entertain Registration Return Forms without affiliation letter  issued by the academic section, Registrar office, The University of Haripur.
ii. Registration return forms will also be submitted in soft form to the registration  section the University Of Haripur.

Zia ur Rahman, Ph.D
Controller of Examinations
The University of Haripur