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UOH Admissions Fall 2021

Click on below links for Admissions Fall 2021.

 Last date to Apply Online for All BS Programs Admissions Fall 2021 is extended till 28th September 2021. All the students who already applied for BS Programs need to upload F.A/F.Sc Marks on their portal before the deadline.

 Entry Test for M.Phil & Ph.D Programs Phase-III will be conducted on 27th September 2021

 Admissions Announced for BS/BS 5th Semester/Certificate/Diploma/M.Phil/MS & Ph.D Programs (Admissions Fall 2021)


Selected Students for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme Phase-II

List of Selected Students
Sr# Name Father Name Department  Program
1 Abdul Khan Hadi Ghulam haider Information Technology BS I.T
2 Abdul Rafeh Dilawar Khan Forestry and Wildlife BS Fors
3 Abdullah  Khan rahmat ullah Public Health BS PBH
4 ahmad  ali shams ul tabraiz Public Health BS PBH
5 Aliya  Sultan sultan Microbiolgy BS Micro
6 Amina Khalid  Khalid Zaman Late Agriculture BS Agri 
7 Amna  Amjid Amjid Iqbal Information Technology BS I.T
8 Amna  Waheed Abdul Waheed Chemistry BS Chem
9 Anas  Javed Javed Arshad Information Technology BS I.T
10 Ansar  Hameed Hadi muhammad Medical Lab Technolgy BS MLT
11 Aqsa  Nawaz kayani Raja Muhammad Nawaz kayani Information Technology BS I.T
12 Areeb  Zaheer Zaheer Anwar Agriculture BS Agri 
13 Asfandyar  khan Muhammad Azhram khan Chemistry BS Chem
14 Asghar   Ali Ghulam Muhammad Chemistry BS Chem
15 Asim  Zia Nazeer Muhammad Management Sciences BBA
16 Awais  khan Jehangir Khan Information Technology BS I.T
17 Ayesha Ayesha Sarfarosh Sarfarosh Microbiolgy BS Micro
18 Ayesha Saddiqua  Habib ur Rehman Information Technology BS I.T
19 Aysha   Mahmood  Badshah khan Health and Physical Education BS PH&E
20 Azher  mehmood Arshid Mehmood Public Health BS PBH
21 Babar   Khan Malik Aman Information Technology BS I.T
22 Bushra  Nisar Muhammad Nisar Information Technology BS I.T
23 Ehtisham  ul  haq Akhtar Mehmood Physics BS Physics
24 Eiman   Seher Imtiaz Akhtar Microbiolgy BS Micro
25 eman  iftikhar Muhammad Iftikhar Linguisticsistry BS Linguistics
26 EMAN  PARVEZ Parvez Ali MLTbiolgy BS MLT
27 Faisal   Mehmood  khalid mehmood Information Technology BS I.T
28 Faisal  Jamal Shah Jehan Chembiolgy BS Chem
29 fatima  bibi Naseer ahmed Econistry BS Econ
30 Fatima  Maira  Waheed ABDUL WAHEED Econbiolgy BS Econ
31 Fatima  Noor Syed Arshid Hussain Shah  Bio BS
32 Hameed  Shah Muhammad shah Physics BS Physics
33 Haris  Muhammad Muhammad zahid Information Technology BS I.T
34 HASNAIN  AKHTAR AKHTAR ZAMAN Information Technology BS I.T
35 Hassan  Ali Ghairat Ali Information Technology BS I.T
36 HASSAN  ZAMAN Muhammad siddique Physics BS Physics
37 Hifza  naseer  Naseer Ahmad  Chemistry BS Chem
38 Hira   Yaqoob Yaqoob Khan  Physics BS Physics
39 Ikram  Ullah Muhammad Ibrahim Information Technology BS I.T
40 Inam  Ullah Basheer Ahmed Information Technology BS I.T
41 Iqra   Shehzad Gul shehzad BIO BS
42 Iqra  Bibi Muhamamad Rafique MLT BS MLT
43 Iram  Saeed Saeed ur Rehman Bio BS
44 Isma   Mehmood Mehmood Shah History BS History
45 Izzah  Nasir Nasir Mehmood Linguistics BS Linguistics
47 Jahangir Abdul Shaoor Agriculture BS Agri 
48 Kainat  Arshad Arshad Mahmood Information Technology BS I.T
49 Kashif Jawad Said Khawas MLT BS MLT
50 Khawar  Hayat Sheikh Muhammad Rafique Linguistics BS Linguistics
51 Laiba   Bibi Muhammad Haroon Hashmi Chemistry BS Chem
52 Laiba  Khalil Khalil ur rehman  Linguistics BS Linguistics
53 LAIBA  WAJID wajidmehmood Bio BS
54 Madiha   Bano Muhammad Irshad  Psychology BS Psyc
55 Mahnoor Rafique , Muhammad Rafique Chemistry BS Chem
56 Malaika  Aleen MUHAMMAD ALEEM Bio Biological Sciences
57 Malaika  Shabbir Shabbir Ahmed Information Technology BS I.T
58 Mariam  Mariam Abdul Hafeez Linguistics BS Linguistics
59 Maryam Bibi Ishfaq Information Technology BS I.T
60 Maryum  Iftikhar Muhammad Iftikhar Psychology BS Psyc
61 Mirza Aqeel  Baig Sarwar Baig MLT BS MLT
62 Misbah Shoukat Muhammad Shoukat  Linguistics BS Linguistics
63 Mohsin  Nazir Nazir Hussain Information Technology BS I.T
65 Mr. Zakaria    Shafique Altaf Hussain Information Technology BS I.T
66 Ms. Amna    Saddiqa Zaffar Mehmood Physics BS Physics
67 Muhammad   Jalal  Wilayat Ali  Agriculture BS Agri 
68 Muhammad   Qasim  Muhammad Riaz  Information Technology BS I.T
69 Muhammad  ayub afridi Qismat khan Psychology BS Psyc
71 Muhammad  Hassan Mahfooz Ellahi Information Technology BS I.T
72 Muhammad  Maaz Shams ul hassan Chemistry BS Chem
73 Muhammad  Mansoor Afzal Khan Information Technology BS I.T
74 Muhammad  Nadeem Ghulam Murtaza  Chemistry BS Chem
75 Muhammad  Usman Khaliq Malik Abdul khaliq MLT BS MLT
76 Muhammad  Yousaf Gul Sahib khan Forestry and Wildlife BS Fors
77 Muhammad  Zeeshan Khan Afsar Management Sciences Finance
78 Muhammad Fiaz Sikandar  Agriculture BS Agri 
79 muqaddas muqaddas bibi Muhammad Sajjad Physics BS Physics
80 Muqaddas Nawaaz Nawaz Muhammad Nawaz Agriculture BS Agri 
81 Musharraf  Khan Muhammad Ishaq Forestry and Wildlife BS Fors
82 Nimra   Hamayoun Hamayun Khan Psychology BS Psyc
83 Noor e  Baseerat Ghulam Asghar BIO Biological Sciences
84 Noor E Haram Mumtaz elahi Management Sciences BS
85 OKASHA  KHAN TARIQ Mehmood Information Technology BS I.T
86 Osama  Shahzad Shahzad khan Information Technology BS I.T
87 Palwasha  Zaib Alamzaib Chemistry BS Chem
88 Rabia Khan Habib ur Rehman Management Sciences BBA
89 Rija  Tassaduq Syed Tassaduq Hussain Naqvi Management Sciences BBA
90 Saadullah  Shah Sher shah tariq Agriculture BS Agri 
91 Saba  Shah Syed Amanat Ali Shah Physics BS Psyc
92 Sadia  Javaid Javiad Iqbal Management Sciences BBA
93 Sajjad  Rafique Muhammad Rafique  Information Technology BS I.T
94 SAMI  ULLAH SAMAR GUL Forestry and Wildlife BS Fors
95 Sapna  Gul Iftikhar Ali Information Technology BS I.T
96 Sara  Danish Abdul Rehman BIO Biological Sciences
97 Sawaira iqbal syed iqbal husaain shah Management Sciences BBA
98 Sayyed  sohaib  Ahmad Sayyed  kifyat ullah sajid Physics BS Psyc
99 Shah  Nawaz Ghulam Rasool Agriculture BS Agri 
100 shahab ud din Fazal rahim MLT BS MLT
101 Suleman  yousaf Yousaf masih Management Sciences BBA
102 Syed Adil Hussain Shah Mureed Hussain Shah Education BS Education
104 Syed Hasnain Ali  Naqvi Syed Ibrar Hussain Shah Chemistry BS Chem
105 Syeda Aniqa  Aftab Syed Aftab Hussain Shah Chemistry BS Chem
106 Syeda Nubla  Shah Abdul Rahman Shah Chemistry BS Chem
107 Syeda Qandeel   Fatima Zulfiqar Hussain Shah Physics BS Physics
108 Syeda Saba  Shah Syed Absar Shah Physics BS Physics
109 Tahir Ayub M. Ayub linguistics BS Linguistics
111 Usama  Javaid Muhammad Javaid Information Technology BS I.T
112 Waqar  khan Bakht Biland khan Public Health BS PBH
113 Warda  Batool Aamir Iqbal MLT BS MLT
114 Wareesha  Khan Waiz Khan Waiz ur Rehman Information Technology BS I.T
115 Yashfa  Zahoor Abdul Zahoor Awan Chemistry BS Chem
116 Zaheer  Khan Jehanzeb BIO Biological Sciences
117 Zainab  Bibi Liaquat khan MLT BS MLT
118 Zainab  Bibi Syed Abid Hussain Shah Management Sciences BBA
119 Zainab Naveed Naveed Muhammad Management Sciences BBA
120 Zainab Shehzad Shehzad Khan Mathematics BS Maths
121 zeeshan   ahmad farman ullah Public Health BS PBH
122 Zubair  Ahmed Ahmed Hussain MLT BS MLT
Waiting Student List
1 Abdullah   Ahmad  Rashad mehmood  Information Technology BS I.T
2 Ahsan  Waheed Muhammad Waheed Information Technology BS I.T
3 Salah   udin Shehzada Forestry and Wildlife BS Fors
4 Raza  Ullah NASR ULLAH JAN Forestry and Wildlife BS Fors
5 Muhammad  Danish Muhammad Bilal Information Technology BS I.T
6 Muhammad   Shahzad Gul Zareen Information Technology BS I.T
7 Muhammad   Abdullah Amar Mahmood Mughal Information Technology BS I.T
8 ABID  RIAZ RIAZ AHMAD Information Technology BS I.T
9 Bilawal  Israr Israr Ahmad Information Technology BS I.T
10 Shahid   Murtaza  Ghulam Murtaza Agriculture BS Agri 
11 Muhammad  Hamza Shahnawaz khan Chemistry BS Chem