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Public administration and governance program at the University of Haripur – A way forward for effective governance

The Frontier Post / August 15, 2020
Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz

An educated society is a precursor for a development of any country. A society cannot flourish without effective education system. A quality educational system prepares a nation to face new issues with innovative solutions and help to build a society as per the need of the day. The world societal systems evolved over the time and still in the process of transformation. The emergence of new challenges demands novel responses and proactive ideas to face them effectively.

In 21st century, enormous efforts have been initiated to improve the way of living and promote better social, economic, environmental, and political systems. In the recent decades, it is passionately worked hard to build knowledge economy around the world. Knowledge economy demands high level skillful and innovative minds that have the abilities to adapt quickly with the changing conditions. Universities have a great role to play for establishing knowledge economy and better governance systems by preparing the young generations.

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