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Schedule for Submission of Registration of Regular Students of M.A/M.Sc/M.Com/MBA Programme for the Year 2019-20

The following schedule for submission of Registration Return for MA/M.Sc/M.Com/MBA students of all affiliated colleges, University of Haripur for the year 2019-20 is append for compliance please.

Deadline Normal Fee           Rs. 1700/- per Candidate

With Late Fee
Rs. 300/- per candidate+ Actual Fee

With Late Fee
Rs.600/- per candidate+ Actual Fee

With Late Fee
Rs. 1000/- per candidate+ Actual Fee

Up to

Up to

Up to

Up to

You are requested to submit the registration Return along with the prescribed registration form of all those students who are admitted to the MA/M.Sc/M.Com/MBA, Programs to the Examination Section University of Haripur. While preparing the Registration Return Forms, the following instructions must be followed:
a). The Registration Return in duplicate along with prescribed registration form & fee must be sent to the Controller of Examinations as per given schedule.
b). Original University Bank receipt/ Cross Cheque be sent along with Registration Return Form. Fee can also be remitted online in NBP Account Title: Controller of Examination, IBAN: PK30NBPA2239003139088108     
c). Instruction already given in form must be followed at the time of preparing Registration Return.
d). Name, Parentage and all particulars of students MUST BE TYPED/ PRINTED.
e). No migration is allowed till the Registration Return of the students is sent to the office of the Controller of the Examinations.
f). Names of the Foreign student(s) may not include in the Registration Return unless their admission(s) have been approved by the Competent Authorities as per rules.
g). Migration certificate(s) of all those students, who have passed their examination from other university must be sent in original to this office along with Registration Return.
h). Registration Return of the students should not be sent incomplete.
i). Registration Return if received without observing the above points shall not be accepted.
j). For registration in M.A (English), students with English Elective in B.A are eligible only.


Dr. Zia ur Rahman
Controller of Examinations
The University of Haripur