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UOH Admissions Fall 2020

Admissions Announced for BS/BS 5th Semester/Masters (2 Years)/Diplomas/Certificates/MS/M.Phil/M.Sc (Hons)/Ph.D Degree Programs Fall 2020

 Re-Admissions Announced for BS/BS 5th Semester/Masters (2 Years)/Diplomas/Certificates/M.Phil/M.S/M.Sc (Hons) & Ph.D Degree Programs - Fall 2020 (Click Here)

 3rd Phase Entry Test Results M.Phil/MS/M.Sc (Hons)/Ph.D Degree Programs Fall 2020

 Merit Lists for Admissions Phase-III in BS/Diploma/Certificates Degree Programs Fall 2020 (Click Here)

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List of Top 100 Selected Students for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships

Due to COVID-19 situation, The University of Haripur is going to disburse Scholarship Cheques in two steps. First hundred students of Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship can collect their cheques from tomorrow onward i.e. 07-08-2020. You are requested to check your name in following list. 

Please feel free to contact for any query or concern.
Phone: +92-995-615339
Whatsapp: +92-313-5869930

Note: Please bring following documents:

  1. Copy of CNIC
  2. Copy of Student Card
  3. Copy of Father CNIC
  4. Fee slip of Fall 2019 and Spring 2020
  5. Transcripts (All Semester)
Name of the candidate Father Name Class/Program CNIC NO.
Pakeeza  Riaz Muhammad Riaz Psychology 3420164520630
Muhammad  Hussain Khalid Hussain Information Technology 3740111947643
Muhammad Salman Shah Ghufar shah Agriculture Sciences 1330190585087
ZEESHAN MUHAMMAD IQBAL Management Sciences 1330294883119
zainab  bibi muhammad sadiq Microbiology 1330208508930
Tehreem  Ali Karamat ali Information Technology 3730175380444
Saniya  Bibi Sabaz AlI Khan Information Technology 1330291938974
Zaiba  Akhtar Ali Akhtar  Shah Education 4230168192286
Zainab Mehmoob Mehboob Mehboob Ellahi MLT 1330215251778
Abdullah Fareed Khan Public Health 1330233023769
atif  ali gulwali Management Sciences 1330240025939
Hamid  Ali Muhammad Amin Information Technology 1620160932113
Saqib  Javaid Muhammad Javaid Information Technology 1330221248821
Waqar  Ahmad Nisar Ahmad Education 1330254406707
Misbah  Abdul Kareem Abdul Kareem Agriculture Sciences 1330226607184
Abdul Sattar Shah Syed Inam Shah MLT 6110179692571
Shakir  Ali Ahmed Ali Public Health 7110182895509
Sarfraz  Shah Shah Imam Raziq Information Technology 1330140581111
Basharat  ullah Muhammad umar Geology 1410193099005
Bilal  Ahmad Bashir Muhammad MLT 1620304007073
Muhammad  yaseen Mairaj Gull Management Sciences 1560290639619
RUBAB  KHALID KHALID MEHMOOD Environmental Sciences 1330267708372
Raees  Shahzad Khurram shahzad Agriculture Sciences 1720105268669
Irfan  Ali Hussain Ali MLT 7110503452233
Muhammad  Sheraz Ghuncha Gul Agriculture Sciences 1610198738455
Muhammad  Zubair Saeed-ur-Rehamn Information Technology 1330235827049
Adeel  Arif Muhammad Arif Information Technology 1330287666559
Asif  shah Adalat shah Information Technology 1330159571777
Hammed  ullah Karamat khan MLT 1110172975761
Muhammad  Ibrahim Sarwar Zaman Information Technology 1330180658747
Ali  Raza Shafique  Ur Rehman Agriculture Sciences 1330233979757
Syeda Pakiza Abid Syed Abid Hussain Shah Management Sciences 1310182188150
Shanza  Rehman Sajid ur Rehman Management Sciences 1330289461870
Maryam  Bibi Muhammad Akhtar Mathematics 3740645970560
Shanza  Shaukat Shaukat Mehmood Mathematics 4250105934150
Sabahat  Kazmi Syed Maghfoor  Hussain Shah MLT 1310160677566
Mahira khan jadoon Munir khan Management Sciences 1310149886456
Adnan  khan Gohar Nawaz Khan Management Sciences 1330204401149
Ummara  khan Rasheed khan Microbiology 3710371491756
Nasir  Abbas Muhammad Yasin MLT 7130303448283
Irfan Ul  Haq Nasir shah Agriculture Sciences  1330131321621
Ahmed Mehmood Qureshi Muhammad Farukh Mehmood Management Sciences 1330211833887
abdul  aziz sher muhammad MLT 1560116848779
Misbah  Arshad Arshad Zareen Mathematics 3710112632984
Rani Muhammad iqbal Microbiology 1330220112704
abdul  mateen rabat khan MLT 2130186605191
Dadullah  khan Abdul Rahim Information Technology 1320118117293
RUBAB  SARWAR MUHAMMAD SARWAR Microbiology 3710323144478
Muhammad  Ibrar Ghulam Qasim Microbiology 3210240197121
Muhammad Ismail Qadri Rizvi Muhammad Nazir Public Health 1330250995929
Moqudis  Nazir Muhammad Nazir Management Sciences 1330212912316
Mohsin  Ali Muhammad Ashiq Information Technology 3740625009857
Fiza  Gul Sher Bahadur Psychology 1330277066888
Shaukat Hassan Afridi Muhammad Hassan MLT 1730137300433
jawad  ahmed muhammad arif Management Sciences 1330298680261
MUHAMMAD  BILAL ABDUL RAHIM Information Technology 1330266546199
Tehreema  Sabaht Khalid Mehmood Microbiology 1330247557136
Muhammad Hamza Mehmood Muhammad Mehmood Akhter Information Technology 3740618085543
Farhan Jahangir Awan Jahangir Information Technology 4250130404825
zabih  ullah umar farooq Geology 1410179770519
Laiba  Sohail Sohail Akhter Rana Management Sciences 1330269060098
Naseeb  Ullah Yar Muhammad Khan MLT 1570296982681
Maryam  Jadoon Shams ul Ikram khan Jadoon Psychology 1330297380512
Samiha  Bibi Muhammad Nazir Management Sciences 1330276547744
Anwar Ul Haq Asghar Aziz Information Technology 1330237459277
Atta  Ullah Saddiq khan MLT 2120138962463
Ijaz  Hussain Ali Naqi Mathematics 7110368728027
Zonu reen Gul khonai MLT 2150552266829
Siraj  Ahmed Muhammad Khursheed Geology 1350469461285
Omaira  Jaffar Syed jaffar hussain Information Technology 1330271555472
Khadija  gul Muhammad Gulzar Mathematics 1330277557172
Ahsan  Maqsood Muhammad Maqsood Forestry & Wild Life Management 1330287218705
Ayaz  Ahmad Niaz Ahmad Mathematics 3430122167709
Kamla  Yameen Muhammad Yameen Microbiology 4220189597858
Hamza  Sadaat Nazir Hussain Information Technology 1330201657121
Ahmad  Farooq Muhammad Farooq Information Technology 1330227095851
Rimsha  bibi Abdul Rasheed Information Technology 1330299628866
laiba  noreen Fazal-e-Azeem Bari Economics 3740523421002
Tahir  Ullah Muhammad Noor Gul Mathematics 2150635502161
Ume  Habiba Niaz Akhtar Microbiology 1330203682836
Maria  Sadiq Muhammad sadiq Information Technology 1330275283212
Sehrish  Jabeen Maqbool Information Technology 3740549398798
Naveed  Ahmed Nazir Hussain Forestry & Wild Life Management 1350148617281
Aneeqa  Umar Umar Khatab Microbiology 1730117019902
Asad  ur Rehman Muhammad Idrees Economics 1330254901889
Khurram  Shehzad Mubarik Din Agriculture Sciences 1330265204201
Habibullah  Awan Abid Zaheer Awan Information Technology 1330293550023
Muhammad Sami ullah Bakht Akbar MLT 1560403948919
Asif  Sajjad Sajjad Ur Rehman MLT 8220356486647
Muhammad Saqib Khan Muhammad Suleman Khan Management Sciences 3740637905039
TOUQEER  SHAH MANZOOR SHAH Management Sciences 1330108092595
Muhammad  Israr Said Zarin MLT 1620304117351
SAAD  NAWAZ REHMAT NAWAZ Forestry & Wild Life Management 1330133014955
Warda  Javed Muhammad Javed Psychology 1330277361074
Zubair  Ahmed Iftikhar Ahmed Agriculture Sciences 1330297242215
Sardar Hamza  Javed Javed Iqbal Information Technology 4250130823865
syed sohaib mansoor Syed mansoor hussain shah Information Technology 3710367797865
Imran  Saeed Muhammad Saeed Information Technology 1330292765613